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or it; and, being rich, he indulged the fancy. He brought the marble from the Pentelic quarries; nothing grosser was permitted in the construction. In the shade of a portico of many columns of Corinthian model he passed his days reading to chosen friends, and living as the Athenians were wont to north face of the eiger live in the days of Pericles. In my youth I dwelt much with him, and he so loved me that at dying he gave me the house, and the gardens and groves around it. They will help me now to make partial amends for injustice done; and when will a claimant appear with better right than the daughter of this brave man? In speaking but now, did he not call thee Irene?”
A flush overspread her neck and face, but she answered without other sign of feeling:
“The house–it may be called a palace–and all that pertains to it, are thine,” he continued. “Go thither at will, and begin thy life anew.”
She took one step for ward, but stopped as suddenly, her color coming and going. Never had Constantine seen wife or maid more beautiful. He almost dreaded lest the spell she cast over him would be broken by the speech trembling upon her lips. She moved quickly to the dais then, and taking his hand, kissed it fervently, saying:
“Almost I believe we have a Christian Emperor.”
She paused, retaining the hand, and looking up into his face.
The spectators, mostly dignitaries of high d north face fleece egree, with their attendants, were surprised. Some of them were shocked; north face size chart for it should be remembered the court was the most rigidly ceremonial in the world. The rules governing it were the excerpt of an idea that the Basileus or Emperor was the incarnation of power and majesty. When spoken to by him, the proudest of his officials dropped their eyes to his embroidered slippers; when required to speak to him, they fell to their knees, and kept the posture till he was pleased to bid them rise. Not one of them had eve north face r touched his fingers, except when he deigned to hold them out to be most humbly saluted. Their manner at such times was more than servility; in appearance, at least, it was worship. This explanation will enable the reader to understand the feeling with which they beheld the young woman keep the royal hand a prisoner in hers. Some of them shuddered and turned their faces not to witness a familiarity so cl North Face Jackets osely resembling profanation.
Constantine, on his part, looked down into the eyes of his fair kinswoman, knowing her speech was not finished. The slight inclination of his person toward her was intended for encouragement. Indeed, he made no attempt to conceal the interest possessing him.
“The Empire may be shorn, even as thou hast said,” she resumed presently, in a voice slightly raised. “But is not this city of our fathers by site and many advantages as much the capital of the world north face sale as ever? A Christian Emperor founded it, and his name was Constantine; may it not be its perfect restoration is reserved for another Constantine, also a Christian Emperor? Search thy heart, O my Lord! I have heard how noble impulses are often prophets without voices.”
Constantine was impressed. From a young person, bred in what were really prison walls, the speech was amazing. He was pleased with the opinion she was evidently forming of himself; he was pleased with the hope she admitted touching the Empire; he was pleased with the cheap north face jackets Christian faith, the strength of mind, the character manifested. Her loyalty to the old Greek regime was unquestionable. The courtiers thought she might at least have made some acknowledgment of his princely kindness; but if he thought of the want of form, he passed it; enough for him that she was a lovely enthusiast. In the uncertainty of the moment, he hesitated; then, descending fr north face outlet om the dais, he kissed her hand gracefu Cheap North Face lly, courteously, reverently, and said simply:
“May thy hope be God’s will.”
Turning from her, he helped the blind man to his feet, and declared the audience dismissed.
Alone with his secretary, the Grand Logothete, he sat awhile musing.
“Give ear,” he at length said. “Write it, a decree. Fifty thousand gold pieces annually for the maintenance of Manuel and Irene, his daughter.”
The secretary at the first word became absorbed in studying his master’s purple slippers; then, having a reply, he knelt.
“Speak,” said Constantine.
“Your Majesty,” the secretary responded, “there are not one thousand pieces in the treasury unappropriated.”
“Are we indeed so poor?”
The Emperor sighed, but plucking spirit, went on bravely:
“It may be God h North Face Sale as reserved for me the restoration, not only of this city, but of the Empire. I shall try to deserve the glory. And it may be that noble impulses are speechless prophets. Let the decree stand. Heaven willing, we will find a way to make it good.”
Part 3 Chapter 3 The Homeric Palace
The reader is now informed of the history of Irene, which is to he remem north face arctic parka bered as of an important personage in the succeeding pages. Knowing also how she became possessed of the palace we have been at some pains to describe, he is prepared to see her at home.
The night has retreated from the European shore of the Bosphorus, although the morning is yet very young. The sun in the cloudless sky beyond Becos, where it appears standing as if to north face gilet rest from the fatigue of climbing the hills, is lifting Therapia bodily out of its sparkling waters. In the bay moreover there are many calls of mar north face sale iner to mariner, and much creaking of windlasses, and clashing of oars cast loose in their leather slings. To make the scene perfectly realistic there is a smell of breakfast 8

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