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“She likes to see flowers,” said the engineer. And he walked out slowly, with hi nike air max 95 s thanks unac Nike Outlet UK hieved. He returned at once with the Virginian; for in the band of the Virginian’s hat were two or three blossoms.
“It don’t need mentioning,” the Southerner was saying, embarrassed by any expression of thanks. “If we had knowed last night–”
“You didn’t disturb her any,” broke in the engineer. “She’s easier this morning. I’ll tell her about them flowers.”
“Why, it don’t need mentioning,” the Virginian again protested, almost crossly. “The little things looked kind o’ fresh, and I just picked them.” His eye now fell upon me, where I lay upon the counter. “I reckon breakfast will be getting through,” he remarked.
I was soon at the wash trough. It was only half-past six, but many had been before me,–one glance at the roller-towel told me that. I was afraid to ask the landlady for a clean one, and so I found cheap nike air max trainers a fresh handkerc nike air max 90 sale hief, and accomplished a sparing toilet. In the midst of this the drummers joined me, one by one, and they used the degraded towel without hesitation. In a way they had the best of me; filth was nothing to them.
The latest risers in Medicine Bow, we sat at breakfast together; and they essayed some light familiarities with the landlady. But these experiments were failures. Her eyes did not see, nor did her ears hear them. She brought the coffee and the bacon with a sedateness that propriety itself could scarce have surpassed. Yet impropriety lurked noiselessly all over her. You could not have specified how; it was interblended with her sum total. Silence was her apparent habit and her weapon; but the American drummer found that she could speak to the point when need came for this. During the meal he had praised her golden hair. It was golden Nike Outlet indeed, and worth a high compl nike air max iment; but his kind displeased her. She had let it pass, however, with no more than a cool stare. But on taking his leave, when he came to pay for the meal, he pushed it too far.
“Pity this must be our last,” he said; and as it brought no answer, “Ever travel?” he inquired. “Where I go, there’s room for a pair of us.”
“Then you’d better find another jackass,” she replied quietly.
I was glad that I had not asked for a clean towel.
F cheap nike air max rom the commercial travellers I now separated myself, and wandered alone in pleasurable aimlessness. It was seven o’clock. Medicine Bow stood voiceless and unpeopled. The cow-boys had melted away. The inhabitants were indoors, pursuing the business or the idleness of the forenoon. Visible motion there was none. No shell upon the dry sands could lie more lifeless than Medicine Bow. Looking in at the store, I saw the proprietor sitting with his p nike air max classic ipe extinct. Looking in at the saloon, I saw the dealer dealing dumbly to himself. Up in the sky there was not a cloud nor a bird, and on the earth the lightest straw lay becalmed. Once I saw the Virginian at an open door, where the golden-haired landlady stood talking with him. Sometimes I strolled in the town, and sometimes out on the plain I lay down with my day dreams in the sagebrush. Pale herds of antelope were in the distance, and near by the demure prairie-dogs sat up and scr nike air max 1 utinized me. Steve, Trampas, the riot of horsemen, my lost trunk, Uncle Hughey, with his abortive brides–all things merged in my thoughts in a huge, delicious indifference. It was like swimming slowly at random in an ocean that was smooth, and neither too cool nor too warm. And before I knew it, five lazy imperceptible hours had gone thus. There was the Union Pacific train, coming as if from shores forgotten.
Its approach was silent and lo cheap nike air max ng drawn out. I easily reached town and the platform before it had finished watering at the tank. It moved up, made a short halt, I saw my trunk come out of it, and then it moved away silently as it had come, smoking and dwindling into distance unknown.
Beside my trunk was one other, tied extravagantly with white ribbon. The fluttering bows caught my attention, and now I suddenly saw a perfectly new sight. The Virginian was further down the platform, doubled up with laughing. It was good to know that with sufficient cause he could laugh like this; a smile had thus far been his limit of ext nike outlet store ernal mirth. Rice now flew against my hat, and hissing gusts of rice spouted on the platform. All the men left in Medicine Bow appeared like magic, and more rice choked the atmosphere. Through the general clamor a cracked voice said, “Don’t hit her in the eye, boys!” and Uncle Hughey rushed proudly by me with an actual wife on his arm. She could easily have been his granddaughter. They got at once into a vehic nike air max 90 le. The trunk was l nike air max sale ifted in behind. And amid cheers, rice, shoes, and broad felicitations, the pair drove out of town, Uncle Hughey shrieking to the horses and the bride waving unabashed adieus.
The word had come over the wires from Laramie: “Uncle Hughey has made it this time. Expect him on to-day’s number two.” And Medicine Bow had expected him.
Many words arose on the departure of the new-married couple.
“Who’s she?”
“What’s he got for her?”
“Got a gold mine up Bear Creek.”
And after comment and prophecy, Medicine Bow returned to its dinner.
This meal was my last here for a long while. The Virginian’s responsibility now returned; duty drove the Judge’s trustworthy man to take care of me again. He had not once sought my society of his own accord; his distaste for what he supposed me to be (I don’t exactly know what th is was) remained unshaken. I have thought that matters of dress and speech should not carry with them so much mistrust in our democracy; thieves are presumed innocent until proved guilty, but a starched collar is condemned at once. Perfect civility and obligingness I certainly did receive from the Virginian, only not a word of fellowship. He harnessed the horses, got my trunk, and gave me some advice about taking provisions for our journey, something more palatable than what food we should find along the road. It was well thought of, and I bought quite a parcel of dainties, feeling that he would despise both them and me. And thus I took my seat beside him, wondering what we should manage to talk about for two hundred and sixty-three miles. ③

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