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red me.‘ Yes, sir, that’s the kind I am.“ He stood up, sauntered to the other side of the room, and took a small object from the top of the bookcase.
„Fond of these pink crystals?“ nike air max 1 He held the oriental toy against the light. „Oh, I ain’t a judge–but now and then I like to pick up a pretty thing.“ Ralph noticed that his eyes caressed it.
„Well–now let’s talk. You say you’ve got to have the funds for your–your investment within three weeks. That’s quick work. And you want a hundred thousand. Can you put up fifty?“
Ralph had been pr nike air max 90 sale epared for the question, but when it came he felt a moment’s tremor. He knew he could count on half the amount from his grandfather; could possibly ask Fairford for a small addi nike air max 95 tional loan–but what of the rest? Well, there was Clare. He had always known there would be no other way. And after all, the money was Clare’s–it was Dagonet money. At least she said it was. All the misery of his predicament was distilled into the short silence that preceded his answer: „Yes–I think so.“
„Well, I guess I can double it for you.“ Moffatt spoke with an air of Olympian modesty. „Anyhow, I’ll try. Only don’t tell the other girls nike air max classic !“
He proceeded to develop his plan to ears which Ralph tried to make alert and attentive, but in whi cheap nike air max ch perpetually, through the intricate concert of facts and figures, there broke the shout of a small boy racing across a suburban lawn. „When I pick him up to-night he’ll be mine for good!“ Ralph thought as Moffatt summed up: „There’s the whole scheme in a nut-shell; but you’d bett nike air max 2013 er think it over. I don’t want nike air max sale to let you in for anything you ain’t quite sure about.“ „Oh, if you’re sure–“ Ralph was already calculating the time it would take to dash up to Clare Van Degen’s on his way to cat nike air max 90 ch the train for the Fairfords‘.
His impatience made it hard to pay due regard to Moffatt’s parting civilities. „Glad to have seen you,“ he heard the latter assuring him with a final hand-grasp. „Wish you’d dine with me some evening at my club“; and, as Ralph murmured a vague acceptance: „How’s that boy of yours, by the way?“ Moffatt continued. „He was a stunning chap last time I saw him.–Excuse me if I’ve put my foot in it; but I understood you kept him with you…? Yes: that’s what I thought…. Well, so long.“
Clare’s inner sitting-room was empty; but the servant, presently returning, led Ralph into the gil nike air max 2012 ded and tapestried wilderness whe re she occasionally chose to receive her visitors. There, under Popple’s effigy of herself, she sat, small and alone, on a monumental sofa behind a tea-table laden with cheap nike air max trainers gold plate; while from his lofty frame, on the opposite wall Van Degen, portrayed by a „powerful“ artist, cast on her the satisfied eye of proprietorship.
Ralph, swept fo air max 2013 rward on the blast of his excitement, felt as in a dream the frivolous perversity of her receiving him in such a setting instead of in their usual quiet corner; but there was no room in his mind for anything but the cry that broke from him: „I believe I’ve done it!“
He sat down and explained to her by what means, trying, as best he could, to restate the particulars of Moffatt’s deal; and her manifest ignorance of business methods had the effect of makin nike air max g his vagueness appear less vague.
cheap nike air max „Anyhow, he seems to be sure it’s a safe thing. I understand he’s in with Rolliver now, and Rolliver practically co

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