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under whatever hill along the Bosphorus, verily I should tremble for my roses.”
Thus briefly, and in such simple manner, the wise Mystic put the shopkeeper perfectly at ease.
At nike air max 90 the brazier they watched Syama in the operation since become of universal knowledge under title of “drawing tea.” The fragrance of the decoction presently filled the room to the suppression of the incense, and they drank, ate, and were sociable. The host outlined his travels. Uel, in return, gave him information of the city. When the latter departed, it was with a light heart, and an elastic step; the white bea nike air max classic rd and patriarchal manner of the man had laid air max 2013 his fears, and the future was to him like a cloudless sky.
Afterwhile the master signified a wish to retire; whereupon his household came, as was their wont, to bid him good-night. Of these there were two white men. At sight of Syama, they rushed to embrace him as became brethren of old acquaintance long in the same service. A third one remained at the door. Syama looked at him, and then at the master; for the man was a stranger. Then the Jew, with quick intuition of the requirement of the time, went, and took him by the hand, and led him to the others. Addressing Syama, he said gravely:
“This is Nilo, son of the Nilo whom you knew. As you held the father in love, so you shall hold the son.”
The man was young, very black, and gigantic in stature. Syama embraced him as he had the others.
In the great city there was not a more united household under roof than that of the shopkeeper’s friend.
Part 2 Chapter 9 The Prince At Home
A wise man wishing to know another always attends him when he is in narrative. The reader may be familiar with the principle, and a believer in it; for his better satisfaction, therefore, a portion of the Prince’s conversation with Uel over the tea-table the night of his arrival in Constantinople shall be reported nearly as possible in his own words. It will be found helpful to the story as well as an expose of character.
“I said in my letter, as thou mayst remember, O son of Jahdai”–the voice of the speaker was low, but earnest, and admirably in harmony with the sentiment, “that I hoped thou wouldst allow me to relate myself to thee as father to son. Thou hast not forg nike air max 1 otten it, I am sure.”
“I recall it distinctly,” Uel answered, respectfully.
“Thou wilt remember not less clearly then that I added the words, ‘in all things a help, in nothing a burden.'”
Uel assented.
“The addition I thought of great importance,” the Prince continued; “for it was very desirable that thou shouldst not imagi cheap nike air max ne me coming to sit down upon thee, and in idleness fatten upon the fruits of thy industry. As something of even greater importance, thou shouldst know now, at this earliest moment of our intercourse, that I am abundantly able from what I have of goods and treasure to keep any condition I may choose to assume. Indeed thou shouldst not be too much astonished did I practise t nike air max 90 sale he style and manner of the nobles who are privileged in the palaces of thy Caesar. At home I shall be as thou seest me now, thy f nike air max 95 riend of simplest habits, because my tastes really incline to them; when I go abroad, the officials of the Church and State whom I chance to encounter shall be challenged to comparison of appearance, and be piqued to inquire about me. Then when the city observes thou art intimate with me, the demand for thy wares will increase; thou mayst even be put to stress to keep apace with it. In speaking thus, I trust thy natural shrewdness, sharpened as it must have become by much dealing as a merchant.”
He paused here to give his cup to Syama for replenishment; whereupon Uel said: “I have followed thy discourse with interest, cheap nike air max and I hope with understanding; yet I am conscious of a disadvantage. I do not know thy name, nor if thou hast a title.”
“Yes, and thou mightest have set down in the table of defaults,” the Wanderer began p nike air max 2013 leasantly in reply, but broke off to receive the cup smoking hot from the servant, and say–“Thanks, Syama. I see thy hand hath not lost its deftness; neither has the green leaf suffered from its long journey over the sea.”
Uel noticed with what intentness Syama watched the master’s lips while he was speaking, and the gratification that beamed from his face in answer to the compliment; and he thought, “Verily this must be a good man to be so beloved by his dependents cheap nike air max trainers .”
“I was saying, O son of Jahdai, that thou mightest have set down the other points of information equally necessary to our intercourse–Whence I come? And why? And I will not leave thee in the dark respecting them. Only let me caution thee–It is not required that the public should be taken into our confidence. I have seen a flower good to look upon, but v nike air max sale iscous, and with a scent irresistible to insects. That flower represents the world; and what is the folly of its victims but the madness of men who yield thems nike air max 2012 elves with too easy faith to the seductions of the world? Nay, my son–observe thou the term–I use it to begin the relationship I seek–observe also I begin the relationship by confidences which were unwisely given without the injunction that they are intended to be put away in thy inner-conscience. Tell me if I am understood.”
The question was emphasized by a look whose magnetism thrilled Uel’s every nerve.
“I believe I understand you,” he replied.
Then, as if the Prince knew the effect he had wrought, and that it relieved him from danger of betrayal, he returned to his former easy manner.
“And yet, as thou shalt see, my son, the confidences are not crimes–But nike air max thy cup is empty, and Syama waiting for it.”
“The drink is new to me,” Uel replied, yielding to the invitation.
“New? And wilt thou not also say it is better than wine? The world of which we 8

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