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related, and that such support as she had hoped he might give her would be contingent on his own situation. But she had again a fleeting sense of his mysterious power of accomplishing things in the teeth of adversity; and she answered: “What I want is your advice.”
He turned away and wandered across the room, his hands in his pockets. On her ornate writing desk he saw a photograph of Paul, bright-curled and sturdy-legged, in a manly reefer, and bent over it with a murmur of approval cheap nike air max 90 . “Say–what cheap nike air max a fellow! Got him with you?”
Undine coloured. “No–” she began; and seeing his look of surprise, she embark ed on her usual explanation. “I can’t tell you how I miss him,” she ended, with a ring of truth that carried conviction to her own ears if not to Moffatt’s.
“Why don’t you get him back, then?” nike air max 95
“Why, I–“
Moffatt had picked up the frame and was looking at the photograph more closely. “Pants!” he chuckled. “I declare!”
He turned back to Undine. “Who DOES he belong to, anyhow?”
“Belong to?”
“Who got him when you we nike air max classic re divorced? Did you?”
“Oh, I got everything,” she said, her instinct of self nike air max 90 sale -defense on the alert.
“So I thought.” He stood before her, stoutly planted on his short legs, and speaking with an aggressive energy. “Well, I know what I’d do if he was mine.”
“If he was yours?”
“And you tried to get him away f Nike Air Max rom me. Fight you to a finish! If it cost me down to my last dollar I would.”
The conversation seemed to be wandering from the point, and she answered, with a to nike air max 90 uch of impatience: “It wouldn’t cost you anything like that. I haven’t got a dollar to fight back with.”
“Well, you ain’t got to fight. Your decree gave him to you, didn’t it? Why don’t you send right over and get him? That’s what I’d do if I was you.”
Undine looked up. “But I’m awfully poor; I can’t afford to have him here.”
“You couldn’t, up to now; but now yo nike air max 1 u’re going to get married. You’re going to be able to give him a home and a father’s care–and the foreign languages. That’s what I’d say if I was you…His father takes considerable stock in him, don’t he?”
She coloured, a denial on her lips; but she could not shape it. “We’re both awfully fond of him, cheap nike air max trainers of course… His father’d never give him up!”
“Just so.” Moffatt’s face had grown as sharp as glass. “You’ve got air max 90 the Marvells running. All you’ve got to do’s to sit tight and wait for their cheque.” He dropped back to his equestrian seat on the lyre-backed chair.
Undine stood up and moved uneasily toward the window. She seemed to see her little boy as though he were in the room with her; she did not understand how she could have lived so long without him…She stood for a long time without speaking, feeling behind her the nike air max concentrated irony of Moffatt’s gaze.
“You couldn’t lend me the money–manage to borrow it for me, I mean?” she finally turned back to ask. He laughed. “If I could manage to borrow any money at this particular minute–well, I’d have to lend every dollar of it to Elmer Moffatt, Esquire. I’m stone-broke cheap nike air max , if you wan nike air max sale t to know. And

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