Of cotton fiber quality cotton fiber elongation by the epidermal cells of the fertilized ovules

Of cotton fiber quality cotton fiber elongation by the epidermal cells of the fertilized ovules, thickening from seed fiber, unlike general bast fibers. Cotton fibers, accounting for 93-95% of the dry weight of the cellulose, and the remaining fibers with biological. Cotton fiber has many excellent economic traits, making it the most important textile industrial raw materials.
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Length: main cotton production in the domestic varieties of upland cotton and sea island cotton fiber length, 25-31 mm and 33-39 mm, respectively majority. Cotton fiber length refers to the length between the rear ends of fiber straightness, expressed in millimeters. Cotton fibers have a great difference in length, the longest fibers up to 75 mm, the shortest only 1 mm, general Upland a fiber length of 25-33 mm, the staple cotton is more than 33 mm or more. Different varieties, cotton plant, bolls on the cotton fiber length are very different the same the boll different flap bit raffinose, and even the different sub-bit on the same cotton seed, the fiber length also differences. In general, the shorter fiber cotton plants lower part of the cotton bolls, visit this site the fibers of the central boll longer, the upper bolls of fiber length lies between the two; same boll, cotton seed on the middle of each lobe sub-cotton fibers of Health longer. The length of the cotton fiber is one of the most important indicators of fiber quality, a very close relationship with the quality of spinning and other quality fibers longer, the higher the yarn count. The calculation of the count, in the official regain under conditions (8.5%) per kilogram of cotton yarn length of several meters, is the number of public support, yarn, the finer, the higher the count. The higher the yarn count, spinning numbers are smaller, the greater the intensity.
Discount Comforter Sets Length uniformity: the quality of the fiber length of yarn role is also influenced by the impact of the uniformity general fiber is more neat, short fiber content, the lower the more smooth the surface of the yarn, the yarn strength.
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3, fiber fineness: the strength of the fiber fineness and yarn is closely related to, the same thickness of the yarn in spinning, when mature fibers with a fineness of finer, due to the number of fibers contained in the yarn, the inter-fiber contact surface is larger tight cohesion, higher yarn strength. Fine fibers suitable for spinning finer yarn. The fineness is not the finer the better, too thin fibers, is easier to break in the process, also easy to produce a nep.
bedding sets 4, the fiber strength: Maximum load refers to the the tensile one or a bundle of fibers can withstand about to break, general grams or grams / milligrams or pounds / mg single fiber strength of different species or varieties, general Upland multi 3.5-5.0 grams, long-staple cotton fiber dense structure, intensity up to 4.5-6.0 grams.
Fiber maturity: cotton fiber maturity refers to the degree of fiber wall thickening, thicker cell walls, the higher its maturity, fiber convolution, high strength, elasticity, good color, high quality yarn ; maturity fiber, various economic traits are poor, but over cooked fiber is not ideal, the fiber is too thick, transfer music, the yarn strength but not high. more and more detail in http://www.discountbeddingsetsonline.com/

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