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mail were plated nike air max 95 with gold, the general effect at a distance was as if the whole suit were gold. A surcoat of light green cloth hung at the back half hiding a small round shield of burnished brass; at the left side there was a cimeter, and in the right hand a lance. The saddle was of the high-seated style yet affected by horsemen of Circassia; at the pommel a bow and well-filled quiver were suspended, and as the stirrups were in fact steel slippers the feet were amply protected by them.
At sight of the martial figure, the Indian, in admiration, arose to a sitting posture. Such, he thought, were the warriors who followed Saladin! And when the stranger, reaching the summit of the eminence, turned out of the road coming apparently to the door of the tent, he involuntarily sprang to his feet ready to do him honor.
The face, then plainly seen nike air max sale , though strong of feature, and thoroughly bronzed, was that of a young man not m nike air max classic ore than twenty-two or three, dark-eyed, mustached and bearded, and of a serious though pleasant expression. He kept his seat with ease and grace; if he and the broad-chested dark-bay horse were not really one, they were one in spirit; together they wrought the impression which was the origin of majesty, a title for kings.
While nike outlet store the Prince was turning this in his mind, the soldier pulled rein, and stopped long enough to glance at him and at the camp; then, turning the horse, he looked the other way, making it apparent he had taken position on the rise to overlook the plain, and observe the coming and dispersion of the caravans.
Another mounted man ascended the hill, armed and armored like the first one, though not so richly, and bearing a s Nike Outlet tandard of dulled yellow silk hanging from a gilded staff. The ground of the standard was filled with inscriptions in red lettering, leaving the golden crescent and star on the point of the staff to speak of nationality. The bearer of the flag d ismounted, and at a sign planted it in the ground.
Seeing his Shaykh, the Prince called him:
„Who is the warrior yonder?–He in the golden armor?“
„The Emir El Hajj, [Footnote: Chief officer of the Pilgrimage. The appointment was considered the highest favor in the Sultan’s gift.] O Prince.“
„He the Emir El Hajj!–And so young?–Oh! a hero of the Serail. The Kislar Aga extolled him one day.“
„Thy remark and common report, O excellent Prince, could not journey together on the same camel,“ sa cheap nike air max id the Shaykh. „In the Khan at Medina I heard his story. There is a famous enemy of the Tur nike air max ks, Iskander Bey, in strength a Jinn, whose sword two men can scarcely lift. He appeared before the army of the Sultan one day with a challenge. He whom thou seest yonder alone dared go forth to meet him. The fought from morning till noon; then they rested. ‚Who art thou?‘ asked Iskander. ‚I am a slave of Amurath, the Commander of the Faithful, who hath commissioned me to take thee to him dead or alive.‘ Iskander laughed, and said, ‚I know by thy tongue now thou art not a Turk; and to see if the Commander of the Faithful, as thou callest him, hath it in soul to make much of thy merit as a warrior, I will leave thee the honors of the combat, and to go thy way.‘ Whereat they say he lifted his ponderous blade as not heavier than the leaf of a dead palm, and strode from the field.“
The Prince listened, and at the end said, li cheap nike air max trainers ke a man in haste:
„Thou knowest Nilo, my black man. Bring him hit nike air max 90 her.“
The Shaykh saluted gravely, and hurried away, leaving his patron with eyes fixed on the Emir, and muttering:
„So young!–and in such favor with the old Amurath! I will know him. If I fail, he may be useful to me. Who knows? Who knows?“
He looked upward as if speaking to some one there.
Meantime the Emir was questioning the ensign.
„This pilgrim,“ he said, „appears well provided.“
And the ensign answered:
„He is the Indian Prince of whom I have been hearing since we left Medina.“
„What hast thou heard?“
„That being rich, he is open-handed, making free with his aspers as sowers with their seed.“
„What more?“
„He is devout and learned as an Imam. His people call him Malik. Of the prayers he knows everything. As the hours arrive, he lifts the curtains of Nike Outlet UK his litter, and calls them with a voice like Belal’s. The students in the mosque would expire of envy could they see him bend his back in the benedictions.“
„They say also that in the journey from El Katif to Medina he travelled behind the caravan when he might have been first.“
„I see not the virtue in that. The hill-men love best to attack the van.“
„Tell me, O Em cheap nike air max ir, which wouldst thou rather face, a hill-man or the Yellow Air?“
„The hill-man,“ said the other decidedly.
„And thou knowest when those in front abandon a man struck with the disease?“
„And then?“
„The vultures and the jackals have their rights.“
„True, O Emir, but listen. The caravan left El Katif three thousand strong. Three hundred and more were struck with the plague, and left to die; of those, over one hundred were brought in by the nike air max 1 Indian. They say it was for this he preferred to march in the rear. He himself teaches a saying of the Hadis, that Allah leaves his choicest blessings to be gathered from ami nike air max 90 sale dst the poor and the dying.“
„If he thou describest be not a Prince of India as he claims, he is a“–
„A Mashaikh.“ [Footnote: Holier than a Dervish.]
„Ay, by the Most Merciful! But how did he save the castaways?“
„By a specific known only to kings and lords in his country. Can he but reach the plague-struck before death, a drop on the tongue will work a cure. Thou heardst what he did at Medina?“8

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