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Being told I had only this, he bade me look elsewhere for breakfast. Now I had designed going to the great city to kiss the hand of the Patriarch, of whom I hav cheap nike air max trainers e always heard as the wisest of men, before coming to thee; but the strait I was in was hard. Could I expect better of the innkeepers there? I had a button of gold–a memorial of my entry into the Lavra. That day Father Hilarion blessed it three times; and it bore a cross upon its face which I thought might make it acceptable as if it were le nike air max 1 ttered with the name of Constantine. A boatman consented to take it for rowing me to thy landing. Behold! Thou hast my confession!”
His speech to this time had been in Greek singularly pure and fluent; now he hesitated, while his eyes, open to the full, somber nike air max 90 ed, as if from a field in the brain back of them a shadow was being cast through his face. When next he spoke it was in his native tongue.
The Princess observed her guest with increasing interest; for she was wholly unused to such artlessness in men. How could Father Hilarion have intrusted business of importance to an envoy so negligent? His confession, as he termed it, wa cheap nike air max s an admission, neither more nor less, that he had no money of the country into which he was come. And further, how could the habit of lapsing in thought, or more simply, of passing abruptly from the present subject, be explained except on the nike air max 90 sale theory of something to which he had so given himself it had become overmastering and all absorbent? This, she saw intuitively, would prove the key to the man; and she set about finding it out.
“Your Greek, good Sergius, is excellent; yet I did not understand the words with which you concluded.”
“I beg pardon,” he replied, with a change of countenance. “In my mother’s tongue I repeated a saying of the Psalmist, which you shall have voice and look as Father Hilarion has given it to me oftener than I am days old.” Then his voice lowered into a sweet intensity fitting the text: “‘The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.’ Those were the words, Princess; and who shall say they do not comprehend all there is of religion?”
The answer was unexpected, the manner affecting; never had she heard conviction and faith more perfectly affirmed. More than a monk, the young man might air max 90 be a preacher! And Father Hilarion might have grown wiser of his years! Perhaps he knew, though at a vast distance, that the need of the hour in Constantinople was not a new notable–a bishop or a legate–so much as a voice with power of persuasion to still the contentions with which her seven hills were t Nike Air Max hen resounding. The idea, though a surmise, was strong enough to excite a desire to read the holy man’s letter. She even reproached herself for not having done so.
“The worthy priest gave me the same saying in the same words,” she said, rising, “and they lose nothing of their meaning by thy repetition. We may speak of them hereafter. For the present, to keep thee from breakfast were cruel. I will go and make terms with my conscience by reading what thou hast brought me from the Father. Help thyself freely as if th nike air max sale ou wert the most favored of guests; or rather “–she paused to emphasize the meaning–“as though I ha nike air max 95 d been bidden to prepare for thy coining. Should there be failure in anything before thee, scruple not to ask for more. Lysander will be at thy service. I may return presently.”
The monk arose respectfully, and stood until she disappeared behind the vases and flowers, leaving in his memory a fadeless recollection of graciousness and beauty, which did not prevent him from immediately addressing himself as became a hungry traveller.
Part 3 Chapter 5 A Voice From The Cloister
While the Princess Irene traversed the portico, she repeated the words, The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want; and she could see how the negligent, moneyless monk, turned away at the inn, was provided for in his moment of need, and also that she was the chosen purveyor; if so, by whom chosen? The young man had intended calling on the Patriarch first; who brought him to her? The breakfast was set for an invited guest; what held him back, if not the power t cheap nike air max 90 hat led the stranger to her gate?
In saying now that one of the consequences of the religious passion characteristic of the day in the East–particularly in Constantinople–a passion so extreme as to induce the strongest minds to believe God, and the Son, and even the Holy Mother discernible in the most commonplace affairs–our hope is to save the Princess from misjudgment. Really the most independent and fearle nike air max classic ss of spirits, if now and then she fell into the habit of translating the natural into the supernatural, she is entitled to mercy, since few things are harder to escape than those of universal practice.
Through a doorway, chiselled top and jambs, she entered a spacious hall nude of furniture, though richly frescoed, and thence passed into a plain open, court coolly shaded, having in the centre a jet of water which arose and fell into a bowl of alabaster. The water overflowing the bowl was caught again in a circular basin which, besides the ornamental carving on the edge and outside, furnished an ample pool for the gold fish disporting in it.
In the court there were also a number of women, mostly young Greeks, sewing, knitting, and embroidering vestments. Upon her entrance they arose, let their work drop on the spotless wh nike air max ite marble at their feet, and received her in respectful silence. Signing them to resume their labor, she took a reserved chair by the fountain. The letter was in her hand, but a thought had the precedence.
Admitting she had been chosen to fulfil the saying quoted, was the call for the once only? When the monk went up to the city, was her ministry to end? Would not that be a half-performance? How much farther should she go? She felt a little pang of trouble, due to the uncertainty that beset her, but quieted it by an appeal to the letter. Crossing herself, and again kissing the signature, she began the reading, which, as the hand was familiar to her, and the composition in the most faultless Greek of the period, was in nowise a perplexity.
“BIELO-OSERO, 3d June, 1452.
“From Hilarion, the Hegumen, to Irene, his well-belove cheap nike air max d daughter.
“Thou hast thought of me this longtime as at rest forever–at rest with the Redeemer. While there is nothing so the equivalent of death as silence, there is no happiness so sweet as that which springs upon us unexpectedly. In the same sense the resurrection was the perfect complement of the crucifixion. More than 8

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