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These lines are the pure gold. Th cheap moncler sale ey are good to teach children; because after the children come to be men, they may believe at least some part of them still. The Virginian did not know them,–but his heart had taught him many things. I doubt if Balaam knew them either. But on him they would have been as pearls to swine.
„So you’ve quit the round-up?“ he resumed to Shorty.
Shorty nodded and looked sidewise at the Virginian.
For the Virginian knew that he had been turned off for going to sleep while night-herding.
Then Balaam threw another glance on Pedro the horse.
„Hello, Shorty!“ he called out, for the boy was departing. „Don’t you like dinner any more? It’s ready about now.“
Shorty forded the creek and slung his saddle off, and on invitation turned Pedro, his buckskin pony, into Balaam’s pasture. Thi moncler sale womens jackets s was green, the rest of the wide world being yellow, except only where Butte Creek, with its bordering cottonwoods, coiled away into the desert distance like a green snake without end. The Virginian also turned his horse into the pasture. He must stay at the ranch till the Judge’s horses should be found.
„Mrs. Balaam’s East yet,“ said her lord, leading the wa moncler sale for kids y to his dining room.
He wanted Shorty to dine with him, and could not exclude the Virginian, much as he should have enjoyed this.
„See any Indians?“ he enquired.
„Na-a!“ said Shorty, in disdain of recent rumors.
„They’re headin‘ the other way,“ observed the Virginian. moncler sale authentic „Bow Laig Range is where they was repawted.“
„What business have they got off the reservation, I’d like to know,“ said the ranchman, „Bow Leg, or anywhere?“
„Oh, it’s just a hunt, and a kind of visitin‘ their friends on the South Reservation,“ Shorty explained. „Squaws along and all.“
„Well, if the folks at Washington don’t ralph lauren sale keep squaws and all wh moncler jacket sale ere they belong,“ said Balaam, in a rage, „the folks in Wyoming Territory ‚ill do a little job that way themselves.“
„There’s a petition out,“ said Shorty. „Paper’s goin‘ East with a lot of names to it. But they ain’t no harm, them Indians ain’t.“
„No harm?“ rasped out Balaam. „Was it white men druv off the O. C. yearlings?“
Balaam’s Eastern grammar was sometimes at the mercy of his Western feelings. The tho moncler sale ught of the perennial stultification of Indian affairs at Washington, whether by politician or philanthropist, was always sure to arouse him. He walked impatiently about while he spoke, and halted impatiently at the window. Out Moncler Outlet in the world the unclouded day moncler men sale was shining, and Balaam’s eye travelled across the plains to where a blue line, faint and pale, lay along the end of the vast yellow distance. That was the beginning of the Bow Leg Mountains. Somewhere over there were the red men, ranging in unfrequented depths of rock and pine–their forbidden ground.
Dinner was ready, and they sat down.
„And I suppose,“ Balaam continued, still hot on the subject, „you’d claim Indians object to killing a white man when moncler sell they run on to him good and far from human help? These peaceable Indians are just the worst in the business.“
moncler jackets „That’s so,“ assented the easy-opinioned Shorty, exactly as if he had always maintained this view. „Chap started for Sunk Creek three weeks ago. Trapper he was; old like, with a red shirt. One of his horses come into the round-up Toosday. Man ain’t been hear moncler sale coats d from.“ He ate in silence for a while, evidently brooding in his childlike mind. Then he said, querulously, „I’d sooner trust one of them Indians than I would Trampas.“
Balaam slanted his fat bullet head far to one side, and laying his spoon down (he had opened some canned grapes) laughed steadily at his guest with a harsh relish of irony.
The guest ate a grape, and perceiving he was seen through, smiled back rather miserably.
„Say, Shorty,“ said Balaam, his head still slanted over, „what’s the figures of your bank balance just now?“
„I ain’t usin‘ banks,“ murmure moncler sale d the youth. ③

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