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have been enjoying without interruption since I began life anew in this retreat, where the days are days of prayer, and the nights illuminated by visions of Paradise and Heaven.
“In the next place, I pray thou wilt take the young brother by whom th moncler sale for kids is moncler jackets will be delivered into friendly care. I myself raised him to a deaconship of our Monastery. His priestly name is Sergius. He was scarcely out of boyhood when I came here; it was not long, however, before I discovered in him the qualities which drew me to thee during thy prison life at the old convent of Irene–a receptive mind, and a native proneness to love God. I made his way easy. I became his teacher, as I had been thine; and as the years flew by he reminded me more and more of thee, not merely with respect to mental capacity, but purity of soul and aspirat moncler sale i on as well. Need I say how natural it was for me to love him? Had I not just come from loving thee?
“The brethren are good men, though unmannerly, and for the most part the Word reaches them from some other’s tongue. Filling the lad’s mind was like filling a lamp moncler jacket sale with oil. How precious the light it would one day shed abroad! And how much darkness there was for it to dispel! And in the darkness–Mercy, Mercy! How many are in danger of perishing!
“Never did I think myself so clearly a servant of God as in the time Sergius was under my instruction. Thou, alas! being a woman, wert like a strong-winged bird doomed at best to a narrow cage. The whole world was before him.
“Of the many notes I have been compelled to take of the wants of religion in this our age, none so amazes me as the lack of preachers. We have priests and mo cheap moncler sale nks. Their name is Legion. Who of them can be said to have been touched with the fire that fell upon the faithful of the original twelve? Where among them is an Athanasius? Or a Chrysostom? Or an Augustine? Slowly, yet apace with his growth, I became ambitious for t moncler sale womens jackets he young man. He showed quickness and astonishing moncler sale authentic courage. No task appalled him. He mastered the tongues of the nationalities represented around him as if he were born to them. He took in memory the Gospels, the Psalms, and the prophetic books of the Bible. He replies to me in Greek undistinguishable from mine. I began to dream of him a preacher like St. Paul. I have heard him talking in the stone chapel, when the sleet-ridden winds without had filled it with numbing frost, and seen the Brotherhood rise from their knees, and shout, and sing, and wrestle like moncler sell madmen. It is not merely words, and ideas, and oratorical manner, but all of them, and more–when aroused, he h moncler men sale as the faculty of pouring out his spirit, so that what he says takes hold of a hearer, making him calm if in a passion, and excited if in a calm. The willin moncler sale g listen to him from delight, the unwilling and opposite minded because he enchains them.
“The pearl seemed to me of great price. I tried to keep it free of the dust of the world. With su moncler sale coats ch skill as I possess, I have worn its stains and roughnesses away, and a ralph lauren sale dded to its lustre. Now it goes from me.
“You must not think because I fled to this corner of the earth, there is any abatement of my affection for Constantinople; on the contrary, absence has redoubled the love for it with which I was born. Is it not still the capital of our holy religion? Occasionally a traveller comes this way with news of the changes it has endured. Thus one came and reported the death of the Emperor John, and the succession of Constantine; another told of justice finally done thy heroic father, and of thy prosperity; more lately a wandering mon Moncler Outlet k, seeking 8

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