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ere there was no water! He did not mean to make them m cheap nike air max trainers arch with loads! He knew! He was a great lord, and wise, as Mali-ya-bwana had said! One or two arose wearily and stiffly, and d nike air max 95 ragged their loads to the pile. Others followed. Kingozi’s men helped the weakest. Kingozi himself worked hard, arranging the loads, covering them with tarpaulins, weighting the edges.
His intention reached also the Leopard Woman. She watched proceedings without comment for some time. Then she saw something that raised her objection.
“I shall want that box,” she announced. “Leave that one out. And that is my tent being brought up now.”
Apparently Kingozi did not hear her. He bestowed th nike air max classic e box in a space left for it, and piled the two tent loads atop. The Leopard Woman arose and glided to his side. nike air max sale
“That box—-” she began.
“I heard you,” replied Kingozi politely, “but it will really be impossible to cheap nike blazers carry anything at all.”
“That box is indispensable to me,” she insisted haughtily.
“You have no men strong enough to c nike air max 1 arry a load: and mine will need all the strength they have left before they get in.”
He went on arranging the loads under the tarpaulins.
“Those loads are my tent,” she said, as Kingozi turned away.
“We cannot take them.”
Her eyes flashed. She whirled with the evident intention of issuing her commands direct. Kingozi’s weary, slow indifference fell from him. In one bound he faced her, his chin thrust forward. His blue eyes had focussed into a cold, level stare.
“Don’t dare interfere!” he ordered. “If you attempt it, I shall order you restrained–physically. Understand? I do not know how far you intend nike blazers to travel–or where; but if you value your future authority and prestige with your own men, do not make yo cheap nike air max urself a spectacle before them.”
“You would not dare!” she panted.
The tenseness relaxed. Kingozi became again the slow-moving, slouching, indifferent figure of his everyday habit.
“Oh, I can dare almost anything–when I have to. You do not see nike air max 90 m to understand. You have come a cropper–a bad one. Left to yourselves you are all going to die here. If I am to help you to your feet, I must do it without interference. I think we shall get through: but I am not at all certain. Go and sit down and save your strength.”
“I hate you!” she flashed. “I’d rather die here than accept your help! I command you to leave me!”
“Bless you!” said Kingozi, as though this were a new thought. “I wasn’t thinking especially of _you_; I am sorr y for your boys.”
Mali-ya-bwana, under his directions, had undone the loads containing the lanterns. Everyth blazers ing seemed now ready for the start. All of Kingozi’s safari had arrived except Cazi Moto and five men.
“Have you any water left?” Kingozi asked the Leopard Woman.
She stared straight ahead of her, refusing to answer. Unperturbed, Kingozi cheap nike air max turned to the Nubian.
“Which is _memsahib’s_ canteen?”
The Nubian silently indicated two of the three hung on his person. Kingozi shook them, and found them empty. His own contained still about a pint, and this he poured into one of hers. She appeared not to notice the act.
The march was resumed. Mali-ya-bwana was instructed to lead the way following the scraped places on the earth, the twigs bent over, and the broken branches by which Simba had marked his route for them. Kingozi h nike air max imself brought up the rear. Reluctantly, apathetically, the Leopard Woman’s men got to their feet. Kingozi was nike air max 90 sale everywhere, urging, encouraging, shaming, jokin

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