Good developing chances awaits for crusher industry

Many of the oversea regions has passed the law to protect the native companies, which block the Chinese company to break in, especially some technics and the quality control or limit, this is a big problem that facing our China companies. After discussion, we adopted a policy us that: we should study the oversea mining machine or some related equipments, we should study their technics and the production, upgrade the technics and the quality control standards to meet the requirements of the national demands for the mining equipment.

With the development of mining crusher technology, many mainland crusher companies have explored their ways outside and squeezed into the foreign market, and the mining industry inside the country has been more and more, and the social type development ascend the small size company into a big size or medium size company, and we have made a big breakthrough in mining machine technology. Hongxing Machinery has thought that we should explore the oversea market positively,which is a most important way to expand the company scale.

From the foreign market characteristic, the upgrading of the technics will bring the new products storm, thus, the phenomenon of the absolutely market saturation will never happen. What our country corporation need to do is get familiar with the foreign companies operation model, we need to emphasize on the technics research and development, to shape a stubborn brand image and the advantage, meanwhile, improve the products technology added value, in such way, did the products could shaped a fierce and targeted competition towards the foreign equipments. How to use this opportunity and the challenge to ascend the corporation image has become a hot topic.

At the same time, this is also a process to improve ourselves and the improve the core competition about the science and the tech, the another side is that our government should give a big support to those got export license companies, the export rebates and the loan policy are the most important and sufficient. Meanwhile, the corporation that need explore the oversea business should gonna know better about the trade cases that if they wanna protect their corporation image, also achieve the goal to deal with the oversea corporation malicious push out and the regional protectionism.

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