Keep jaw crusher working in a normal manner

The over heat of the machine also lead to the damaging of the crushing machine, the jaw crusher usually produce much more heat during the operation process, if those heat can not be released timely, the jaw crusher must be damaged, for example, the main axle of the machine will deformation because of the over heat, at this time, if jaw crusher still operated and crushed the stone, jaw crusher must be damaged. So when it is on operation , the operator should be keep close attention on the inside temperature of the machine, over heat and the machine should be halt, when the temperature is low ans start again. The operator should picked up the iron block when the material is fed into the machine, the machine will sure destine to break down. Unevenness of the material fed in is also a factor to damage the crusher.

The jaw crusher is a highly used mining crusher in the mining industry. But during this process, many people do not know how to operate the machine correctly during the process, and they have to stop to maintain the machine. Sanyyo machinery has posted that, in fact, some points maybe avoided to protected this phenomenon from happening, and keep the jaw crusher from breaking down.

The jaw crusher should be maintain now and then. When the jaw crusher was in use, the screw of the jaw crusher usually happen to loose because of the huge power and the push, which need to fasten the screw the jaw crusher periodically. The jaw crusher should be alter the lubrication now and then. When the machine was used for some time, the effect of lubrication destined to cut down, so when the lubrication was experienced for a period of time, the pieces stripped off the machine and become sediment down the earth of the machine also increase the wearing of the machine. So the lubrication should be alter immediately, and after that, the inside of the crushing machine should be completely cleared by the kerosene to protect the machine from damaging.

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