ouched her arm. She gave a start and looked athim with frightened eyes. He had nothing to give her, but he said:
“Good-bye, Momola”; and he thought to himself that when he was grown upand had a sw moncler sale for kids ord he would surely come back and bring her a pair of sho esand a panettone. The abate was calling him, and the next moment he foundhimself lifted into the carriage, amid the blessings and lamentations ofhis foster-parents; and with a g moncler sale authentic reat baying of dogs and clacking ofwhipcord the horses clattered out of the farmyard, and turned theirheads toward Pianura.
The mist had rolled back and fields and vin moncler sale eyards lay bare to the wintermoon. The way was lonely, for it skirted the marsh, where no one lived;and only here and there the tall black shadow of a crucifix ate into thewhiteness of the road. Shreds of vapour still hung about the hollows,but beyond these fold on fold of translucent hills melted into a skydewy with stars. Odo cowered in his corner, staring out awestruck at theunrolling of the strange white landscape. He had seldom been out atnight, and never in a carriage; and th cheap moncler sale ere was something terrifying tohim in this flight through the silent moon- moncler outlet washed fields, where no oxenmoved in the furrows, no peasants pruned the mulberries, and not agoat’s moncler jacket sale bell tinkled among the oaks. He felt himself alone in a ghostlyworld from which even the animals had vanished, and at last he avertedhis eyes from the dreadful scene and sat watching the abate, who hadfixed a reading-lamp at his back, and whose hooked-nosed shadow, as thesprings jolted him up and down, danced overhead like the huge Pulcinellaat the fair of Pontesordo.
Part 1 Chapter 2
The gleam of a lantern woke Odo. The horses had stopped at the gates ofPianura, and the abate giving the pass-word, the carriage rolled underthe gatehouse and continued its way over the loud cobble-stones of theducal streets. These streets were so dark, being lit bu moncler sale coats t by some lanternprojecting here and there from the angle of a wall, or by the flare ofan oil-lamp under a shrine, that Odo, leaning eagerly out, could onlynow and then catch moncler jackets a sculptured palace-window, the grinning mask on thekeystone of an archway, or the gleaming yellowish facade of a churchinlaid with marbles. Once or twice an uncu moncler sale womens jackets rtained window showed a groupof men drinking about a wineshop table, or an artisan bending over hiswork by the light of a tallow dip; but for the most part doors andwindows were barred and the streets disturbed only by the watchman’s cryor by a flash of light and noise as a sedan chair passed with its escortof linkmen and servants. All this was amazing enough to the sleepy eyesof the little boy so unexpectedly translated from the solitude ofPontesordo; but when the carriage turned under anot moncler sale her arch and drew upbefore moncler sell the doorway of a great building ablaze with lights, the pressureof accumulated emotions made him fling his arms about his preceptor’sneck.
“Courage, cavaliere, courage! You have duties, you haveresponsibilities,” the abate admonished him; and Odo, choking back hisfright, suffered himself to be lifted out by one of the lacqueys groupedabout the door. The abate, who carried a much lower crest than atPontesordo, and seemed far more anxious to please the servants than theyto oblige him, led the way up a shining marble staircase where beggarswhined on the landings and powdered footmen in the ducal livery wererunning to and fro with trays of refreshments. Odo, who knew that hismother lived in the Duke’s palace, had vaguely imagined that hisfather’s death must have plunged its huge precincts into sil ralph lauren sale ence andmourning; but as he followed the abate up successive flights of stairsand down long corridors full of shadow he heard a sound of dance musicbelow and caught the flash of girandoles through the antechamber doors.
The thought tha moncler men sale t his father’s death had made no difference to any one inthe palace was to the child so much more astonishing than any of theother impressions crowding his brai①

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