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ady to fulfil his _bwana’s_ commands.
„You will eat?“ he asked.
But Kingozi was not hungry. His strong desire was for a tall _balauri_ of hot tea, but this could not be. He knew nike air max it Was unsafe to drink the water un nike air max classic boiled–it is unsafe to drink any African water unboiled–but this time it could not be helped. He was not even very tired, though his eyes burned. There was nothing more to do. Kingozi knew that Simba and Cazi cheap nike air max trainers Moto would not attempt to come in.
They now had both food and water, and would camp somewhere out on the plain.
„I will sleep,“ he decided.
Mali-ya-bwana at once thrust the savages outside, without ceremony, peremptorily. When the _bwana_ of an African belonging to the safari class wants anything, the latter gets it for him. The headman of the author of these lines went single handed and stopped in its very inception a royal _n’goma_, or dance nike air max 1 , to which men had come a day’s journey, merely because his _ cheap nike air max bwana_ wanted to sleep! Kingozi was here alone, in a strange country, for the moment helpless; but Mali-ya-bwana hustled the tribesmen out as brusquely as though a regim nike air max 90 sale ent were at his back. Which undoubtedly had its effect.
Kingozi sat down on the straw and blew out his lantern. The wattle walls were not chinked; so the sweet night cheap nike air max wind blew through freely; and elusively he saw stars against the night. The Leopard Woman breathed heavily in little sighs. He was not sleepy. Then everything went black—-

When Kingozi awakened it was full daylight. A varied murmur came happily from outside, what the Africans Cheap Nike TN call a _kalele_–a compound of chatter, the noise of occupation, of movement, the inarticulate voice of human existence. He glanced across the hut. The Leopard Woman was gone.
„Boy!“ he shouted.
At the sound of his voice the _kalele_ ceased. Almost immediately Cazi Moto stooped to enter the doorway. Cazi Moto was dressed in clean khaki, and bore in his hand nike air max 95 a _balauri_ of steaming tea. Kingozi seized this and drained it to the bottom.
„That is good,“ he commented gratefully. „I did not expect to see you, Cazi Moto. Did all the men get in?“
„Yes, _bwana_.“
„_Vema!_ And Nike TN nike air max sale the men of the Leopard Woman?“
„Many died, _bwana_; but many are here.“
Kingozi arose to his feet.
„I must have food. These _shenzis_ eat what?“
„Food is ready, _bwana_.“
„I will eat. Then we must make _shauri_ with these people to get our loa ds. My men must rest to-day.“
„Come, _bwana_,“ said Cazi Moto.
Kingozi stooped to pass through the door. When he straightened outside, he nike tns paused in amazement. Before him stood his camp, intact. The green tent with the fly faced him, the flaps thrown back to show within his cot and tin box. White porters‘ tents had been pitched in the usual circle, and before each squatted men cooking over little fires. The loads, covered by the tarpaulin, had been arranged in the centre of the circle. At a short distance to the rear the cook camp steamed.
Cazi Moto stood at his elbow grinning.
„Hot water ready, _bwana_,“ said he; and for the firs nike air max 90 t time Kingozi noticed that he carried a towel over his arm.

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