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ready, _bwana_,“ said he; and for the first time Kingozi noticed th nike air max 90 sale at he carried a towel over his arm.
„This is good, very good, Cazi Moto!“ said he. „_Backsheeshi m nike air max 1 ‚kubwa_ for this; both for you and for Simba.“
„Thank you, _bwana_,“ said Gaza Moto. „Simba brought the water, and it saved us; and I thought that my _bwana_ should not sleep on grass a second time before these _shenzis_.“
„Who carried in the loads? Not our porters?“
„No, _bwana_, the _shenzis_.“
Kingozi glanced at his wrist watch. It was nike tns only ten o’clock. „When?“
„Last night.“
„They went back last night?“
„Yes, _bw nike air max classic ana_. Mali-ya-bwana considered that it was bad to leave the loads. There might be hyenas–or the _shenzis_—-“
Kingozi slapped his thigh with satisfaction. Th nike air max sale is was a man after his own heart.
„Call Mali-ya-bwana,“ he ordered.
The tall Baganda approached.
„Mali-ya-bwana,“ said Kingozi. „You have done well. For thi s you shall have _backsheeshi_. But more. You need not again carry a load. You will be– Nike TN “ he hesitated, trying to invent an office, but reluctant to infringe upon the prerogatives of either Simba or Cazi Moto. „You will be headman of the porters; and you, Cazi Moto, will be headman of all the safari, and my own man besides.“
The Baganda drew himself erect, his face shining. Placing his bare heels together, he raised his hand i nike air max n a military salute. Kingozi was about to dismiss him, but this arrested his intention.
„Where did you learn to do that?“ he asked sharp nike air max 95 ly.
„I was once in the King’s African Rifles.“[7]
[Footnote 7: Only, of course, Mali-ya-bwana gave the native name for these troops.]
„You can shoot, then?“
„Yes, _bwana_.“
„Good!“ commented Kingozi thoughtfully. Then after a moment: „_Bassi_.“
Mali-ya-bwana saluted cheap nike air max trainers once more and departed. Kingozi turned toward his tent.
It had been pitched under a huge tree, with low, massive limbs and a shade that covered a diameter of fully sixty yards. Before it the usual table had been made of piled-up chop boxes, and to this Cazi Moto was bearing steaming dishes. The threatened headache had not materialized, and Kingozi cheap nike air max was feeling quite fit. He was ravenously hungry, for now his system wa nike air max 90 s rested enough to assimilate food. His last meal had been breakfast before sunup of the day before. Without paying even casual attention to his surroundings he seated himself on a third chop box and began to eat.
Kingozi’s methods of eating had in them little of the epicure. He simply ate all he wanted of the first things set before hi cheap nike air max m. After this he drank all he wanted from the tall _balauri_. Second cour Cheap Nike TN ses did not exist for Kingozi. Then with a sigh of satisfaction, he fumbled for his pipe and tobacco, and looked about him.
The guest house had been built, as was the custom, a little apart from the main village. The latter was evidently around t

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