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with unexpected humility.
“Already you’ve lost control of your organization: you nearly died from lack of water–By the way, why didn’t you push ahead with your Nubian, and find the water?”
“I had to get my men on.”
He looked on her with more ap proval.
“Well, you’re safe out of it. And now, I beg of you, don’t do it any more.”
“Is my little scolding all done?” she asked after a pause.
“Forgive me. I did not mean it as a scolding.”
She sat upright and rested her air max 2013 elbows on her knees, her chin in her hands. Her long sea-green eyes softened.
“Listen: I deserve that what you say. I thought I knew, because always I have travelled in a good country. But never the hell of a dry country. I want you to know that you are quite right, and I want to tell you that I know you saved me and my men: and I would not know what to do now if you were not here to help me. There!” she made a pretty nike air max classic outward-flinging gesture. “Is that enough?”
Kingozi, like most men whose natural efficiency has been hardened by wide experience, while impervious to either open or wily antagonism, melt nike air max 1 ed at the first hint of surrender. A wave of kindly feeling overwhelmed the last suspicions–absurd suspicions–his analysis had made. He was prevented from replying by the approach of Simba at the head of eight of the _ask nike air max 90 aris_. They slouched along at his heels, sullen and careless, but when they felt the impact of Kingozi’s cold glare, they straightened to attention. Kingozi ran his eye over them.
“Where are the other four?” he demanded.
“Three are in the _shenzis’_ village. One says he is very tired.”
“Take Mali-ya-bwana and Cazi Moto. Take the leg chains. Bring that one man before me with the chains on him. Have him bring also his gun; and his cartridges.”
Ig nike air max noring the waiting eight, Kingozi resumed his conversation with the Leopard Woman.
“They are out of hand,” said he. “We must impress them.”
“_Kiboko?_” she in nike air max 2012 quired.
“Perhaps–but you cheap nike air max have rather overdone that. We shall see.”
“I heard you talk with that old man a few moments ago,” she said. “And I heard also much talk of our men about it. He is a very powerful chief– next to the nike air max 90 sale _sultani_. Are not you afraid that your treatment of him will make trouble? You were not polite.”
“What else have you heard?”
“This _sultani_ has apparently several hundred villages. They keep goats, fat-tailed sheep nike air max 2013 , and some few cattle. They raise _m’wembe_, beans, peanuts, and bananas. They have a war caste of young men.”
Kingozi listened to her attentively.
“Good girl!” said he. “You use your intelligence. These are all good points to know.”
“But this old man—-”
“No; nike air max 95 I have not insulted him. I know the native mind. I have merely convinced him that I am every bit as important a person as his _sultani_.”
“What do you do next? Call on the _sultani_.”
“By no means. Wait until he comes. If he does not come by, say to-morrow, send for him.”
Simba appeared leading a downcast _askari_ in irons. Kingozi waved his hand to cheap nike air max trainers ward those waiting in the sun; and the new captive made the ninth.
“Now, Simba, go to the village of these _shenzis_. Tell the other three _askaris_ to come; and at once. Do not return without them.”
Simba, whose fierce cheap nike air max soul all this delighted beyond expression, started off joyfully, trailed by a posse of his own choosing.
“What are you going to do?” asked the Leopard Woman curiously.
“Get them in line a bit,” replied Kingozi carelessly. “I feel rather lazy and done up to-day; don’t you?”
“That is so natural. And I am keeping yo nike air max sale ur chair—-”
“I’ve been many trips without one.

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