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ed his chin in his hand, a movement that pushed out his beard in a terrifying manner. One after another of the eleven men felt the weight of his stare. At last he cheap nike air max spoke.
“I have heard tales of you,” said he, “but I who speak know nothing about you. You are _askaris_, soldiers with guns, and next to gun bearers are the greatest men in the safari. Some have told me that you are not _a cheap nike air max skaris_, that you nike air max 90 sale are common porters–and not good ones–who carry guns. I do not know. That we shall see. This is what must be done now, and done quickly cheap nike online : the loads of your _memsahib_ must be brought here, and camp made properly, according to the custom. Perhaps your men are no longer tired: perhaps you will get the _shenzis_. That is not my affair. You understand?”
The answer came in an eager chorus.
He ran his eye over them again.
“You,” he indicated, “stand forward. Of what tribe are you?”
“Monumwezi, _bwana_.”
“Your name?”
The man uttered a mouthful of gutturals.
He repeated.
“That i s not a good name for me. From now on you are–Jack.”
“Yes, _bwana_.”
“Do you know the customs of _askaris?_”
“Yes, nike air max 1 _bwana_.”
“H’m,” Kingozi commented in English, “nobod nike air max y would guess it. Then understand this: You are headman of _askaris_. You take the orders: you report to me–or the _memsahib_,” he added, almost as an afterthought. “To-morrow morning _fall in_, and I will look at your guns. _Bassi!_”
They filed away. Kingozi arose and returned the chair.
“Is that all you will do to them?” she demanded. “I tell you they have insulted me; they have refused to move; they shou nike air max 90 ld be punished.”
“That’s all. They understand now what will happen. You will see: they will not refuse again.”
She appeared to struggle against cheap nike shoes a flare of her old rebellious spirit.
“I will leave it to you,” she managed at last.
The squatting s cheap nike air max avages had not moved a muscle, but their shining black eyes had not missed a single detail.
Chapter 10 The Sultani
Six hours later the Leopard Woman’s camp had arrived, had been pitched, and everything was running again as usual. The new _askari_ headman, Jack, had reported pridefully nike air max classic to Kingozi. The latter had nodded a careless acknowledgment; and had referred the man to his mistress. She had disappeared for a time, but now emerged again, bathed, freshened, dainty in her silken tea gown, the braids of hair down her back, the band of woven gold encircling her brow, the single nike air max sale strange jewel hanging in the middle of her forehead. For a time she sat alone under her own tree; but, as Kingozi showed no symptoms of coming to her, and as she was bored and growing impatient, she trailed over to him, the Nubian following wi nike air max 95 th her chair. Kingozi was absorbed in establishing points on his map. He looked up at her and nodded pleasantly, then moved his protractor a few inches.
“Just a moment,” he murmured absorbedly.
She lit a cigarette and yawned. The immedi cheap nike air max trainers ate prospect was dull. Savages continued to drift in, to squat and stare, then to move on to the porters’ camps. There a lively bartering was going on. From some unsuspected store each

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