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glasses. A tyro would have attempted to draw near for a finishing shot, and so would probably have been let in for a long chase. A freshly wounded animal, if kept mov cheap nike air max 1 ing, is capable of astonishing endurance. But these two knew better than that. In a very few minutes the zebra, without fright, without suffering–for a modern bullet benumbs–toppled over dead. Again Simba raised his voice exultantl air max 1 y to the waiting porters.
“_Nyama! nyama!_” he shouted.
And they, racing eagerly forward, their face nike air max 1 sale s illuminated with one o air max 1 sale f the strongest joys the native knows, shouted back:
“_Nyama! nyama!_”
For another two days the provisioning was assured.
Chapter 8 The Thirst
The little safari made the distance to Simba’s guarded water in a trifle over the four hours. Camp was made high up on the kopje whence the eye could carry to i cheap air max 1 mmense distances. The wall of mountains was now nearer. Through his glasses Kingozi could distinguish rounded foothills. He tried to make out whether certain dark patches were groves or patches of bush– they might have been either–but was unable to determine. Relative sizes did not exist. The mountains might be five thousand feet tall or only a fifth of that. And by exactly that proportion they might be a day’s or a five days’ journey distant! nike air max 1 premium
Carefully Kingozi examined the length of the range. A nike air max 1 ebay t length his attention was arrested. A thread of smoke, barely distinguishable against the gray of distance, rose within the shadow of the hills.
“Simba!” Kingozi summoned. Then, on the gun bearer’s approach: “Look through the glasses an nike air max 1 d tell me whether that smoke is a house or a fire in the grass.”
Simba accepted the glasses, but first took a good look with the naked eye. He caught the location of the smoke almost at once. Then for a full two minutes he stared through the lenses.
“It is a house, _bwana_,” he decided.
As though the words had been a magic spell the mountains seemed in Kingozi’s imagination to diminish in size and to move forward. nike air max 1 red They had assured a definite proportion, a definite position. Their distance could be estimated.
“And how far?” he asked.
“Very far, _bwana_,” replied Simba gravely, “eleven ho nike air max 1 grey urs; twelve hours.”
Kingozi reflected. The safari of the Leopard Woman had passed the kopje not over a mile away; indeed Kingozi had left her trail only a short distance back. On the supposition that she was well informed, it seemed unlikely that she could expect to make the whole distance from the last camp to the mountains in on cheap air max 1 e march. Therefore there must be another water between. In that case, if Kingozi followed her tracks, he would arrive at that water. On the other supposition–that she was striking recklessly into the unknown–well, all the more reason for following her tracks!
They commenced their journey before nike air max 1 leopard daylight the following morni nike air max 1 black ng. E

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