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rled the automatic pistol at the porter, and flopped down on the tent load, hiding her face in her hands.
Kingozi paid her no further attention.
“Simba!” he called.
“Yes, suh!”
“Take one man. Collect all water bottles. Take a lantern. Go as rapidly as you can to find water. Fill all the bottles and bring them back. There are people in the hills. There will be people near the water. Get th cheap nike air max em to help you carry back t nike air max 95 he water bottles.”
Simba selected Mali-ya-bwana to accompany him, but this did not meet Kingozi’s ideas.
“I want that man,” said he.
Simba and one of the other leading porters started away. Kingozi gave his attention to the members of the other safari.
They sat and sprawled in all attitudes. But one thing was common to all: a dead sullenness.
“Why do you not obey the _memsahib?_” Kingozi cheap nike air max asked in a reasonable tone.
No one answered for some time. Finally the man who had been shot at replied.
“There is no water. We are very tired. We cannot go on without water.”
“How can you get water if you do not go on?”
“_Hapana shauri yangu_,” replied the man indifferently, uttering the fatalistic phrase that rises to the lips of the savage African almos t automatically, unless his personal loyalty has nike air max 1 been won–“that is not my af nike air max classic fair.” He brooded on the ground for a space then looked up. “It is the business of por air max 90 ters to carry loads; it is the business of the white man to take care of the porters.” And in that he voiced the philosophy of this human relation. The porters had done their job: not one inch beyond it would they go. The white woman had brought them here: it was now her _shauri_ to get them out.
“You see!” cried the Leopard Woman bitterly. “What can you do with such idiots!”
Kingozi directed toward her his slow smile.
“Yes, I see. Do you remember I asked you once when you were boasting your efficiency, whether you had ever tried your men? Your work was d Nike Air Max one smartly and well–better than my work was done. But my men will help me in a fix, and yours will not.”
“You are quite a preacher,” she rejoined. “And you are exasperating. Why nike air max sale don’t you do something?”
“I am going to,” replied Kingozi calmly.
He called Mali-ya-bwana to him.
“Talk to these _shenzis_,” said he.
nike air max 90 Mali-ya-bwana talked. His speech was not eloquent, nor did it flatter the Leopard Woman, but it was to the point.
“My _bwana_ is a great lord,” said he. “He is master of all things. He fights the lion, he fights the elephant. Nothing causes him to be afraid. He is not foolish, like a woman. He knows the cheap nike air max trainers water, the sun, the wind. When he speaks it is wisdom. Those who do what he says follow wisdom. _Bassi!_”
Immediately this admonition was finished Kingozi issued his first command:
“Bring all loads to this place.”
Nobody stirred at first.
“My loads, the loads of Bibi-ya-chui–all to this place.”
Mali-ya-bwana and the other fourteen of Kingozi’s safari who were now present brought the cheap nike air max 90 ir loads up and began to nike air max pile them under Kingozi’s direction.
“Quickly!” called Kingozi in brisk, cheerful tones. “The water is not far, but the day is nearly gone. We must march quickly, even without loads.”
The import of the comm nike air max 90 sale and began to reach the other porters. This white man did not intend to camp here then–where there was no water! He did not mean to make them march with loads! He knew! He was a great lord, and wise, as

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