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ld controversy with the Latins has broken out anew, and more hotly than ever; that the new Emperor is an azy moncler sale mite, and disposed to adhere to the compact of union of the churches east and west made with the Pope of Rome by his Moncler Outlet predecessor, leaving heart-blisters burning as those which divided the Jews. Indeed, I much fear the likeness may moncler jackets prove absolute. It certainly will when the Turk appears before our holy city as Titus before Jerusalem.
“This latest intelligence induced me at last to yield to Sergius’ entreaties to go down to Constantinople, and finish there the courses begun here. It is true he who would move the world must go into the world; at the same time I confess my own great desire to be kept info moncler sale authentic rmed of the progress of the discussion between the churches had much to do with my consent to his departure. He has instructions to that effect, and will obey them. Therefore I pray thee receive him kindly for his own s cheap moncler sale ake, for mine, and the promise of good in him to the cause of Jesus, our beloved Master.
“In conclusion, allow me, daughter–for such thou wert to thy father, to thy mother, and to me–allow me to recur to circumstances which, after moncler sell calm review, I pronounce the most interesting, the most delightful, the most cherished of my life.
“The house under the Kameses hill at Prinkipo was a convent or refuge for women rather than men; yet I was ordered thither when thy father was consigned to it after his victory over the Turks. I was then comparatively young, but still recollect the day he passed the gate going in with his family. Thenceforward, until the Patriarch took me away, I was his confessor.
“Death is always shocking. I remember its visits to the convent while ralph lauren sale I was of its people; but when it came and took thy sisters we were doubly grieved. As if the ungrateful Emperor could not be sufficiently cruel, it seemed Heaven must needs help him. The cloud of those sad events overhung the community a long time; at length there was a burst of sunshine. One moncler sale for kids came to my cell and said, ‘Come, rejoice with us–a baby is born in the house.’ Thou wert the baby; and thy appearance was the first of the great gladnesses to which I have referred.
“And not less distinctly I live over the hour we met in the chapel to christen thee. The Bishop was the chief celebrant; but not even the splendor of his canonicals–the cope with the little bells sewn down the sides and along the sleeves, the ompharium, the panagia, the cross, the crozier–were enough to draw my eyes from the dimpled pink face half-hidden in the pillow of down on which they held thee up before the font. And now the Bishop dipped his fingers in the holy water–‘By what name is this daughter to be known?’ And I answered, ‘Irene.’ Thy parents had been casting about for a name. ‘Why not call her after the convent?’ I asked. T moncler jacket sale hey accepted the sugg moncler sale womens jackets estion; and when I gave it out that great day–to the convent it was holiday–it seemed a door in my heart of which I was unknowing opened of itself, and took thee into a love-lined chamber to be sweet lady at home forever. Such was the second of my greatest happinesses.
“And then afterwhile thy father gave thee over to me to be educated. I made thy first alphabet, illuminating each letter with my own hand. Dost thou remember the earliest sentence I heard thee read? Or, if ever thou dost think of it now, be reminded it was thy first lesson in writing and thy first in religion–‘The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not w moncler men sale ant.’ And thence what delight I found in helping moncler sale coats thee each day a little further on in knowledge until at length we came to where thou couldst do independent thinking.
“It was in Sta. S ophia–in my memory not more than an occurrence of yesterday. Thou and I had gone from the island up to the holy house, where we were spectators of a service at which the Emperor, as Basileus, and the Patriarch were celebrants. T moncler sale he gold on cope and ompharium cast the space about the altar into a splendor rich as sunshine. Then thou asked me, ‘Did Christ and His Disciples worship in a house like this? And were they dressed as these are?’ I was afraid of those around us, and told thee to use eye and ear, but the time for questions and answers would be when we were back safely in the old convent.
“When we were there, thou didst renew the questions, and I did not withhold the truth. I told thee of the lowliness and

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