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Supervisor was a great rascal; ne cheap nike air max ither could there be any doubt but that his personality was most attractive. He had a cheap nike blazers bull-like way of roaring out his jokes, his orders, or his expostulations; a smashing, dry humour; and, above all, an invariably confident and optimistic belief that everything was going well and according to everyone’s desires. His manner, too, was hearty, his handclasp warm. He fairly radiated good-fellowship and good humour as he rolled about. Bob’s animosity thawed in spite of his half-amused realization of what he ought to feel.
When the tour of inspection had brought them again to the grove where the men were at work, they found two new arrivals.
These were evidently brothers, as their square-cut features proclaimed. They squat nike air max classic ted side by side on their heels. Two good horses with the heavy saddles and coiled ropes of the stockmen looked patiently over their shoulders. A mule, carrying a light pack, wandered at w nike air max ill in the background. The men wore straight-brimmed, wide felt hats, short jumpers, and overalls of blue denim, and cowboy boots armed with the long, blunt spurs of the craft. Their faces were stubby with a week’s growth, but their blue eyes were wide apart and clear.
“Hullo, Pollock,” greeted Plant, as he dropped, blowing, into his chair.
The men nodded briefly, never taking their steady gaze from Plant’s face. After a due and de blazers liberate pause, the elder spoke.
“They’s a thousand head of Wright’s cattle been drove in on our ranges this year,” said he.
“I issued Wright permits for that number, Jim,” replied Plant blandly.
“But that’s plumb crowdin’ of our cattle off’n the range,” protested the mountaineer.
“No, it ain’t,” denied Plant. “That range will keep a thousand cattle more. I’ve had complete reports on it. I kn nike air max sale ow what I’m doing.” cheap nike air max trainers
“It’ll _keep_ them, all right,” spoke up the younger, “which is saying they won’t die. But they’ll come out in the fall awful pore.”
“I’m using my judgment as to that,” said Plant.
“Yore judgment is pore,” said the younger Pollock, bluntly. “You got to be a cattleman to know about them things.”
“Well, I know Simeon Wright don’t put in cattle where he’s going to lose on them,” replied Plant. “If he’s willing to risk it, I’ll back his judgment.”
“Wright’s a crowder,” the older Pollock took up the argument quietly. “He owns fifty thousand head. Me and George, here, we have five hunderd. He just aims to summer his cattle, anyhow. When they come out in the fall, he will fat them up on alfalfa hay. Where is George and me and the Mortons and the Carrolls, and all the rest of the mountain folks going to get nike air max 90 sale alfalfa hay? If our nike blazers cattle come out pore in the fall, they ain’t no good to us. The range is overstocked with a thousand more cattle on it. We’re pore men, and Wright he owns half of Californy. He’s got a million acres of his own without crowdin’ in on us.”
“This is the public domain, for all the public—-” began Plant, pompously, but George Pollock, the younger, cut in.
“We’ve run this range afore you had any Forest Reserves, afore you came into this country, Henry Plant, and our fathers and our grandfathers! We’ve built up our business here, and we’ve built our ranches and we’ve made our reg’lations and lived up to ’em! We ain’t going to be run off our range without knowin’ why!”
“Just because you’ve always hogged the public land is no reason why you should always continue to do so,” said Plant cheerfully.
“Who’s t nike air max 90 he public? Simeon Wrigh nike air max 95 t? or the folks up and down the mountains, who lives in the country?”
“You’ve got the same show as Wright or anybody else.”
“No, we ain’t,” interposed Jim Pollock, “for we’re playin’ a different game.”
“Well, what is it you want me to do, anyway?” demanded Plant. “The man has his permit. You can’t expect me to tell him to get to hell out of there when he has a duly authorized permit, do you?”
The Pollocks looked at each other.
“No,” hesitated Jim, at last. “But we’re overstocked. Don’t issue no such blanket permits next year. The range won’t carry no more cattle than it always has.”
“Well, I’ll have it inves tigated,” promised Plant. “I’ll send out a grazing man to look into the matter.”
He nodded a dismissal, and the two men, rising slowly to their feet, prepared to mount. They looked perplexed and dissatisfied, but at nike air max 1 a loss. Plant watched them sardonically. Finally they swung into the saddle with the cowman’s easy grace.
“Well, good day,” said Jim Pollock, after a moment’s hesitation.
“Good day,” returned Plant amusedly.
They rode away down the forest aisles. The pack mule fell in behind them, ringing his tiny, sweet-toned bell, his long ears swinging at every step.
Plant watched them out of cheap nike air max sight.
“Most unreasonable people in the world,” he remarked to Bob and Oldham. “They never can be made to see sense. Between them and these confounded sheepmen–I’d like to get rid of the whole bunch, and deal only with _business_ men. Takes too much palaver to run this outfit. If they gave me fifty rangers, I couldn’t more’n

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