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I did not come to interrupt you, father, but to learn two things, and run away.”
“You begin like a rhetorician. What subdivisions lie under those two things? Speak!”
“Thank you,” she replied, quickly. “First, Syama told me you were at some particular task, and I wanted to know if I could help you.”
“Dear heart!” he said, tenderly.
“Next–and this is all–I nike air max 90 sale did not want you to forget we are to go up the Bosphorus this afternoon–up to Therapia, and possibly to the sea.”
“You wish to go?” he asked.
“I dreamt of it all night.”
“Then we will; and to prove I did not forget, the boatmen have their order nike air max s already. We go to the landing directly after noon.”
“Not too soon,” she answered, laughing. “I have to dress, and make myself gorgeous as an empress. The day is soft and kind, and there will he many people on the water, where I am already known quite as well as here in th nike air max sale e city as the daughter of the Prince of India.”
He replied with an air of pride:
“Thou art good enough for an emperor.”
“Then I may go and get ready.”
She withdrew her arm, kissed him, and started to the door, but returned, with a troubled look.
“One thing more, father.”
He was recovering his work, but stopped, and gave her ear.
“What is it?”
“You have said, good father, that as my studies were too confining, it would be well if I took the air every day in my sedan. So, sometimes with Syama, sometimes with Nilo, I had the men carry me along the wall i nike air max 1 n front of the Bucoleon. The view over the sea toward Mt. Ida is there very beautiful; and if I look to the landward side, right at my feet are the terraced gardens of the palace. Nowhere do the winds seem sweeter to me. For their more perfect enjoyment I have at moments alighted from the chair, and walked; always avoiding acquaintances new and old. The people appear to understand my preference, and respect it. Of late, however, one person–hardly a man–has followed me, and stopp cheap nike online ed near by when I stopped; he has even persisted in attempts to speak to me. To avoid him, I went to the Hippodrome yesterday, and taking seat in front of the small obelisks in that quarter, was delighted with the exhibition of the horsemen. Just when the entertainment was at its height, and most interesting, the person of whom I am speaking ca nike air max classic me and sat on the same bench with me. I arose at once. It is very ann cheap nike air max oying, father. What shall I do?”
The Prince did not answer immediately, and when he did, it was to ask, suggestively:
“You say he is young?”
“His dress?”
“He seems to be fond of high colors.”
“You asked no question concerning him?”
“No. Whom could I ask?”
Again the Prince reflected. Outwardly he was unconcerned; yet his blood was more than warm–the blood of pride which, as every one knows, is easily started, and can go hissing hot. He did not wish her to think of the affair too much; therefore his air of indifference; nevertheless it awoke a new train of thought in him.
If one were to insult this second Lael of his love, what could he do? The idea of appeal to a magistrate was irritating. Were he to assume punishment of the insolence, from whom nike air max 90 could he hope justice or sympathy–he, a stranger living a mysterious cheap nike air max trainers life?
He ran hastily over the resorts at first sight open to him. Nilo was an instrument always ready. A word would arouse the forces in that loyal but savage nature, and they were forces subject to cunning which never slept, never wearied, and was never in a hurry–a passionless cunning, like that of the Fedavies of the Old Man of the Mountain.
It may be thought the Prince was magnifying a fancied trouble; but the certainty that sorrow must overtake him for every indulgence of affection was a haunting shadow always attending the most trifling circumstance to set his imagination conjuring calamities. That at such times his first impulse was toward revenge is explicable; the old law, an eye for an eye, was part of his religion; and coupling it with personal pride which a thought could turn into consuming heat, how natural cheap nike shoes if, while the anticipation was doing its work, his study should be to make the revenge memorable!
Feeling he was not entirely helpless in the affair, he thought best to be patient awhile, and learn who was the offender; a conclusion followed by a resolution to send Uel with the girl next time she went to take the air.
“The young men of the city are uncontrolled by respect or veneration,” he said, quietly. “The follies they commit are sometimes ludicrous. Better things are not to be looked for in a generation given to dress as a chief ambition. And then it may be, O my Gul-Bahar”–he kissed her as he uttered the endearment–“it may be he of whom you complain does not know who you are. A word may cure him of his bad manners. Do not appear to notice him. Have eyes for everything in the world but him; that is the virtuous wom cheap nike air max an’s defence against vulgarity and insult under every circumstance. Go now, and make ready for the boat. Put on your gayest; forget not the last necklace I gave you–and the bracelets–and the girdle with the rubies. The water from the flying oars shall not outflash my little girl. There now–Of course we will go to the landing in our chairs.”
When she disappeared down the stairs, he went back to his work.
Part 3 Chapter 7 The Prince Of India Meets Constantine
It is to be remembered now, as very material to our story, that the day the Prince of India resolved on the excursion up the Bosphorus with Lael the exquisite stretch of water separated the territorial possessions of the Greek Emperor and the Sultan of the Turks.
In 1355 the utmost of the once vast Roman dominions was “a corner of Thrace between the Propontis (Marmo nike air max 95 ra) and the Black Sea, about fifty miles in length and thirty in breadth.” [Footnote: Gibbon.]
When Constantine Dragases–he of whom we are writing–ascended the throne, the realm was even more diminished.
Galata, just across the Golden Horn, had become a Genoese stronghold.
Scutari, on the Asiatic shore almost vis-a-vis with Constantinople, was held by a Turkish garrison.
With small trouble the Sultan could have converted the pitiful margin between Galata and the Cyanean rocks on the Black Sea.
Once indeed he set siege to Constantinople, but was beaten off, it was said, by the Mother of God, who appeared upon the walls of the city, and in person took part in the combat. Thereafter he contented himself with a tribute from the Emperors Manuel and John Palaeologus.
The relations of the Christian and Moslem potentates being cheap nike air max thus friendly, it can be seen how the Princess Irene could keep to her palace by Therapia and the Prince of India plan jaunts along the Bosphorus.
Still there is a point to be borne in mind. Ships under Christian flags seldom 8

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