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“Trampas,” said the Virginian again, “are yu’ sure y nike air max 1 red u’ really mean that?”
The whiskey bottle flew through the air, hurled by Trampas, and crashed through the saloon window behind the Virginian.
“That was surplusage, Trampas,” said he, “if yu’ mean the other.”
“Get out by s nike air max 1 grey undown, that’s all,” said Trampas. And wheeling, he went out of the saloon by the rear, as he had entered.
“Gentlemen,” said the Virginian, “I know you will all oblige me.”
“Sure!” exclaimed the proprietor, heartily, “We’ll see that everybody lets this thing alone.”
The Virginian gave a general nod to the company, and walked out into the street.
“It’s a turruble shame,” sighed Scipio, “that he couldn’t have postponed it.”
The Virginian walked in the open air with thoughts disturbed. “I am of two minds about one thing,” he said to himself uneasily.
Gossip ran in advance of him; but as he came by, the ta air max 1 sale lk fell away until he cheap air max 1 had passed. Then they looked after him, and their words again rose audibly. Thus everywhere a little eddy of silence accompanied his steps.
“It don’t trouble him much,” one said, having read nothing i cheap nike air max 1 n the Virginian’s face.
“It may trouble his girl some,” said another.
“She’ll not know,” said a third, “until it’s over.”
“He’ll not tell her?”
“I wouldn’t. It’s no woman’s business.”
“Maybe that’s so. Well, it woul cheap nike air max 1 d have suited me to have Trampas die sooner.”
“How would it suit you to have him live longer?” inquired a member of the opposite faction, suspected of being himself a cattle thief.
“I could answer your question, if I had other folks’ calves I wanted to brand.” This raised both a laugh and a silence.
Thus the town talked, filling in the time before sunset.
The Virginian, still walking aloo nike air max 1 leopard f in the open air, paused at the edge of the town. “I’d sooner have a sickness nike air max 1 sale than be undecided this way,” he said, and he looked up and down. Then a grim smile came at his own expense. “I reckon it would make me sick–but air max 1 there’s not time.”
Over there in the hotel sat his sweetheart alone, away from her mother, her friends, her home, waiting his return, knowing nothing. He looked into the west. Between the sun and the bright ridges of nike air max 1 the mountains was still a space of sky; but the shadow from the mountains’ feet had drawn halfway toward the town. “About forty minutes more,” he said aloud. “She has been raised so different.” And he sighed as he turned back. As he went slowly, he did not know how great was his own unhappiness. “She has been raised so different,” he said again.
Opposite the post-office the bishop of Wyoming met him and greeted him. His lonely heart throbbed at the warm, firm grasp of this friend’s hand. The bishop saw his eyes glow suddenly, as if tears were close. But none came, and no word more open than, “I’m glad to se e you.”
But gossip had reached the bishop, and he was sorely troubled also. “What is all this?” said he, coming straig nike air max 1 black ht to it.
The Virginian looked at the clergyman frankly. “Yu’ know just as much about it as I do,” h nike air max 1 ebay e said. “And I’ll tell yu’ anything yu’ ask.”
“Have you told Miss Wood?” inquired the bishop.
The eyes of the bridegroom fell, and the bishop’s face grew at once more keen and more troubled. Then the bridegroom raised his eyes again, and the bishop almost loved him. He touched his arm, like a brother. “This is hard luck,” he said.
The bridegroom could scarce keep his voice steady. “I want to do right to-day more than nike air max 1 premium any day I have ever lived,” said he.
“Then go and tell her at once.”
“It will just do nothing but scare her.”
“Go and tell her at once.” ③

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