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onstantinople. Respecting a person for the service, the delicacy of wh moncler sale ich was conceded, he had reached the conclusion that there was no one subject to his control so fitted in every respect as Mirza. The selection of the Emir might prove troublesome since he was a favorite with the Sultan; if investigations consequent on his continued absence were instituted, there was danger of their resulting in disagreeable exposure; nevertheless the venture was worth the while, and as time was important, the Emir should be sent off forthwith under instructions in harmony with the Prince’s advice. Or more clearly, he was to betake himself to Ita moncler sale coats ly immediately, and thence to the Greek capital, a nobleman amply provided with funds for his maintenance there in essential state and condition. His first duty when in the city should be to devise communication with the White Castle, where connection with the proposed line of couriers should be made for safe transmission of his own reports, and such intelligence as the Prince should from time to time consider it advisable to forward.
This of course contemplated re moncler sell cognition and concert between the Emir and the Prince. In token of his confidence in the latter, Mahommed would constitute him the superior in cases of difference of opinion; though from his knowledge of Mirza’s romantic affection acquired in Mecca and on the road thither, he had little apprehension of such a difference.
Mahommed and the Prince were alike well moncler outlet satisfied wi moncler jacket sale th the conclusions between them, and their leave-taking at the end of the audience was marked with a degree of affection approaching that of father and son.
About mid-afternoon the Prince and Sergius sallied from the Castle to observe the water, and finding it quiet, they determined to embark.
The formalities of reception in the Castle were not less rigidly observed at the departure. In care of the eunuch the Princess and Lael descended to the hall of entrance where they were received by the supposed Governor, who was in armor thoroughly cleansed of dust and skilfully furbished. His manner was even more gallant and dignified. He offered his hand to assist the Princess to seat in the chair, and upon taking it she glanced furtively at his face, but the light was too scant for a distinct view.
In the Castle a moncler sale nd out there were no spectators.
Passing the gate, the Princess bethought her of the story-tel moncler jackets ler, and looked for him well as she could through the narrow windows. At the landing, when the Governor had in silence, though with ease and grace, helped her from the carriage, the porters being withdrawn, she proceeded to acknowledgments.
„I am sorry,“ she said, through her veil, „that I must depart without knowing the name or rank of my host.“
„Had I greater rank. O Princess,“ he returned, gravely. „I should have pleasure in introducing myself; for then there would be a hope that my name supported by a title of dignity, would not be erased from your memory by the gayeties of the city to which you are going. The White Castle is a command suitable to one of humble grade, and to be saluted Governor, because I am charged with i moncler sale womens jackets ts keeping, satisfies my pride for the present. It is a convenient title, moreover, should you ever again honor me with a thought or a word.“
„I submit perforce,“ she said. „Yet, Sir Governor, your name would have saved me from the wonder of my kinsman ralph lauren sale , if not his open question, when, as I am bound to, I tell him of the fair treatment and high courtesy you have shown me and my friends here while in refuge in your Castle walls. He knows it natural for the recipient of bounty to learn who the giver is, with name and history; but how amazed and displeased he will be when I barely describe your entertainment. Indeed, I fear he will think me guilty of over description or condemn me for ingratitude.“
She saw the blood color his face, and noticed the air of sincerity with which he replied. „Princess, if payment for what you have received at my hands were worthy a thought, I sh moncler sale for kids ould say now, and all my days through, down to the very latest, that to have heard you speak so graciously is an overprice out of computation.“
The veil hid her responsive blush; for there was something in his voice and manner, possibly the earnestness marking them, which lifted the words out of the commonplace and formal. She could not but see how much more he left implied than actually expressed. For relief, she turned to another subject.
„If I may allude to a part of your generous attention, Sir Governor, di moncler men sale stinguishing it from the whole, I should like to admit the pleasure had from the recitation of the Arabian story-teller. I will not ask his name; still it must be a great happiness to traverse the world with welcome everywhere, and everywhere and all the time accompanied and inspired by a mind stored with themes and examples beautiful as the history of El Hatim.“
moncler sale authentic A light singularly bright shone in the Governor’s eyes, significant of a happy idea, and with more haste than he had yet evinced, he replied:
„O Princess, the name of the Arab is Aboo-Obeidah; in the desert they call him the Singing Sheik, and among Moslems cheap moncler sale , city bred and tent born alike, he is great and beloved. Such is his sanctity that all doors he knocks at open to him, even those of harems zealously guarded. When he arrives at Adrianople, in his first day there he will be conducted to the Hanoum of the Sultan, and at her signal the ladies of the household will flock to hear him. Now, would it please you, I will prevail on him to delay his journey that he may visit you at your palace.“
„The adventure might distress him,“ she replied.
„Say not so. In such a matter I dare represent and pledge him. Only give me where you would have him come, and the 8

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