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For their first bridal camp he chose an island. Long weeks beforehand he had thought of this place, and set his heart upon it. Once established in his mind, the thought became a picture that he saw waking and sleeping. He had stopped at the isla nike free 5.0 v4 nd many times alone, and in all seasons; but at this special moment of the year he liked it best. Often he had added several needless miles to his journey that he might finish the day at this point, m nike free 3.0 sale ight catch the trout for his supper beside a certain rock upon its edge, and fall asleep hearing the stream on eit cheap nike free run 2 her side of him.
Always for him the first signs that he had gained the true world of the mountains began at the island. The first pine trees stood upon it; the first white columbine grew in their shade; and it seemed to him that he always met here the first of the true mountain air–the coolness and the new fragrance. Below, there were only the cottonwoods, and the nike free trainers uk knolls and steep foot-hills with their sage-brush, and the great warm air of the plains; here at this altitude came the definite change. Out of th nike blazers sale e cheap nike blazers lower country and its air he would urge his horse upward, talking to him aloud, and promising fine pasture in a little while.
Then, when at length he had ridden abreast of the island pines, he wo nike free uld ford to the sheltered circle of his camp-ground, throw off the saddle and blanket from the horse’s hot, wet back, throw his own clothes off, and, shouting, spring upon the horse bare, and with a rope for bridle, cross with him to the promised pasture. Here there was a pause in the mountain steepness, a level space of open, green with thick grass. Riding his horse to this, he would leap off him, and with the flat of his hand give him a blow that cracked sharp in the stillness and sent the horse galloping and gambolling to his night’s freedom. And while the animal rolled in the grass, often his master would roll also, and nike free review stretch, and take the grass in his two hands, and so draw his body along, limbering his muscles after a long ride. Then he would sl nike blazers ide into the stream below his fishing place, where it was deep enough for swimmin nike free run 2 review g, and cross back to his island, and dressing again, fit his rod together and begin his casting. After the darkness had set in, there would follow the lying drowsily with his head upon his saddle, the camp-fire sinking as he watched it, and sleep approaching to the murmur of the water on either side of him.
So many visits to this island had he made, and counted so many hours of revery spent in its haunting swe etness, that the spot had come to seem his own. It nike free 3.0 review belonged to no man, for it was deep in the unsurveyed and virgin wilderness; neither had he ever made his camp here with any man, nor shared with any nike free run plus the intimate delight which the place gave him. Therefore for many weeks he had planned to bring her here after their wedding, upon the day itself, and show her and share with her his pines and his fishing rock. He would bid her smell the first true breath of the mountains, would watch with her the sinking camp-fire, and with her listen t nike free running shoes o the water as it flowed round the island. ③

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