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’s that to you?“ he demanded roughly.
„Why–nothing–I was simply interested,“ gasped Bob in astonishment.
The mountaineer’s eyes bored him through and through. Finally the man dropped his gaze.
„I’ll tell you,“ said he at last, „‚caus nike air max sale e you and Jim are the only square ones I know. I’m going to Mexico. I never been there. I’m going by Vermilion Valley, and Mono Pass. If they ask you, you can tell ‚em different. I want you to do something for me.“
„Gladly,“ said Bob. „What is it?“
„Just hold my horse for me,“ requested Pollock, dismounting. „He stands fine tied nike air max 1 to the ground, but there’s a few things he’s plumb afraid of, and I don’t want to take chances on his getting away. nike air max 95 He goes plumb off the grade for freight teams; he can’t stand the crack of their whips. Sounds like a gun to him, I reckon. He won’t stand for shooting neither.“
While talking the mountaineer handed the end of his hair rope into Bob’s keeping.
„Han Nike Air Max 1 g on to him,“ he said, turning away.
George Pollock sauntered easily down the street. At Supervisor Plant’s front gate, he turned and passed within. Bob saw him walk rapidly up the front walk, and pound on Plant’s bedroom door. This, as usual in the mountains, opened directly out on the verandah. With an exclamation Bob sprang forward, dropping the hair rope. He was in time cheap nike air max to see the bedroom door snatched open from within, and Plant’s huge figure, white-robed, nike air max 90 appear in the doorway. The Supervisor was evidently angry.
„What in hell do you want?“ he deman nike air max classic ded.
„You,“ said the mountaineer.
He dropped his hand quite deliberately to his holster, flipped the forty-five out to the level of his hip, and fired twice, without looking at the weapon. Plant’s expression changed; turned blank . For an appreciable instant he tottered upright, then his knees gave out beneath him and he fell forward with a crash. George Pollock leaned over him. Apparently satisfied after a moment’s inspection, the mountaineer straightened, dropped his weapon into the holster, and turned away.
All this took place in so short a space of time that Bob had not moved five feet from the moment he guessed Pollock’s intention to the end of the tragedy. As the first shot rang out, Bob turned and seized again the hair r nike air max 90 sale ope attached to Pollock’s horse. His habit of rapid decision and cool judgment showed him in a flash that he was too late to interfere, and revealed to him what he must do.
Pollock, looking neither to the right nor the left, took the rope Bob handed him and swung into the saddle. His calm had fallen from him. His eyes burned cheap nike air max trainers and his face worked. With a muffled cry of pain he struck s Air Max 1 purs to his horse and disappeared.
Considerably shaken, Bob stood still, considering what he must do. It was manifestly his duty to raise the alarm. If he did so, however, he would have to bear witness to what he knew; and this, for George Pollock’s sake, he desired to avoid. He was the only one who could know positively and directly and immediately how Plant had died. The sound of the shots had not aroused the village. If they had been hear cheap nike air max d, no one would have paid any attention to them; the discharge of firearms was too common an occurrence to attract special notice nike air max . It was better to let the discovery come in the natural course of events.
However, Bob was neither a coward nor a fool. He wanted to save George Pollock if he could, but he had no intention of aband Cheap Nike Air Max 1 oning another plain duty in the matter. Without the slightest hesitation he opened Plant’s gate and walked to the verandah where the huge, unlovely hulk huddled in the doorway. There, with some loathing, he determined the fact that the man was indeed dead. Convinced

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