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e the bulbul, the sweetest of singers, and in beauty, a heron with throat of snow, and wings of pink and scarlet; as a star, she would be the first of the evening, and the last to pale in the morning–nay, she would be a perpetual morning. Of all fat nike air max 2012 es what more nearly justifies reproach of Allah than to have one’s name and glory at the mercy of a rival or an enemy? I am indeed Mahommed’s friend–I know him–I will defend him, where sacred truth permits defence. And then”–his glance fell, and he hesitated.
“And what then?” she asked.
He gave her a grateful look, and answered: “I am going to Adrianople. The Prince will be there, and can I tell him of this audience, and that the Princess Irene regrets the evil reported of him in Co nike air max 95 nstantinople, and is not his enemy, straightway he will number himself of those the most happy and divinely remembered, whose books are to be given them in the nike air max ir right hands.”
The Princess looked at the singer, her countenance clear, serene, fair as a child’s, and said:
“I am the enemy of no one living. Report me so to him. The Master I follow left a law by which all men and women are neighbors whom I am to love and pray for as I love and pray for myself. Deliver him the very words, O Sheik, and he will not misunderstand me.”
A moment after she asked:
“But tell me more of him. He is making the world very anxious.”
“Pr nike air max 1 incess,” the Sheik began, “Ebn Hanife was a father amongst Dervishes, and he had a saying, ‘Ye shall know a plant by its flower, a vine by its fruit, and a man by his acts; what he does being to the man a air max 2013 s the flower to the plant, and the fruit to the vine; if he have done nothing, prove him by his tastes and preferences, for what he likes best that he will do when left to himself.’ By these tests let us presume to try the Prince Mahommed…. There is nothing which enthralls us like the exercise of power–nothing we so nearly carry with us into the tomb to be a motive there; for who shall say it has not a part in the promise of resurrection? If so, O Princess, what praise is too great for him who, a young man placed upon a throne by his father, comes down from it at his father’s call?”
“Did Mahommed that?”
“Not once, O Princess, but twice.”
“In so much at least his balance should be fair.”
“To whom is the pleasant life in nike air max classic a lofty garden, its clusters always near at hand–to whom, if not to the just judges of their fell cheap nike air max ow-men?”
The Sheik saluted her twice by carrying his right hand to his beard, then to his forehead.
“Attend again, O Princess,” he continued, more warmly than in the outset. “Mahommed is devoted to learning. At night in the field when the watches are set, the story-tellers, poets, philosophers, lawyers, preachers, experts in foreign tongues, and especially the inventors of devices, a class by themselves, supposed generally to live on dreams as others on bread–all these, finding welcome in his tent, congregate there. His palace in the city is a college, with recitations and lectures and instructive conversations. The objection his father recognized the times he requested him to vacate the throne was that he was a student. His ancestors having been verse makers, poetry is his delight; and if he does not rival them in the nike air max 2013 gentle art, he surpasses them in the number of his acquirements. The Arab, the Hebrew, the Greek, the Latin add nike air max sale ress him and have answers each in his mother’s tongue. Knew you ever a scholar, O Princess, whose soul had utterly escaped the softening influence of thought and study? It is not learning which tames the barbarian so much as the diversion of mind from barbaric modes required of him while in the pursuit of learning.”
She interrupted him, saying pleasantly: “I see, O Sheik, if to be at the mercy of an enemy is sa d, how fortunate where one’s picture is intended if the artist be a friend. Where had the Prince his instructors?”
There was a lurking smile in the Sheik’s eyes, as he replied: “The sands in my country drink the clouds dry, and leave few fountains except of knowledge. The Arab professors in Cordova, whom the Moorish Kaliphs deemed themselves honored in honoring, were not despised by the Bishops of Rome. Amurath, wanting teachers for Mahommed, invited the best of them to his court. Ah–if I had the time!”
Observing his sigh had not failed its mark, he continued: “I would speak of some of the books I have seen on the Prince’s table; for as a licensed friend, I have been in his study. Indeed, but for fear of too greatly recommending myself, I would have told you earlier, O Princess, how he favoured me as one of his teachers nike air max 90 sale .”
“Of poetry and story-telling, I suppose?”
“Why not?” he a nike air max 90 sked. “Our history is kept and taught in such forms. Have we a hero not himself a poet, he keeps one…. Upon the Prince’s table, in the central place, objects of his reverence, the sources to which he most frequently addresses himself when in need of words and happy turns of expression, his standards of comparison for things beautiful in writing and speech, mirrors cheap nike air max trainers of the Most Merciful, whispering galleries wherein the voice of the Most Compassionate is never silent, are the Koran, with illustrations in gold, and the Bible in Hebrew, copied from torahs of daily use in the Synagogues.”
“The Bible in Hebrew! Does he read it?”
“Like a Jewish elder.”
“And the Gospels?”
The Sheik’s face became reproachful.
“Art thou–even thou, O Princess–of those who believe a M cheap nike air max oslem must reject Christ because the Prophet of Islam succeeded him with later teachings?”8

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