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At what hour will he come?”
“In the forenoon.”
“Report, I pray you then, that my house will be nike air max 1 grey at his service.”
Part 3 Chapter 17 The Emperor’s Wooing
About ten o’clock the day following the extraordinary announcement given, a galley of three banks of oars, classed a trireme, rounded the seaward jut of the promontory overhanging the property of the Princess Irene at Therapia.
The hull of the vessel was highly ornate with gilding and carving. At the how, for figure-head, there was an image of the Madonna of the Panagia, or Holy Banner of Constantinople. The broad square sail was of cherry-red color, and in excellent correspondence, the oars, s ixty to a side, were painted a flaming scarlet. When filled, the sail displayed a Greek cross in golden filament. The deck aft was covered with a purple awning, in the shade of which, around a throne, sat a grave and decorous company in gorgeous garments; and among them moved a cheap air max 1 number of boys, white-shirted and bare of head, dispensing perfume from swinging censers. Forward, a body guard, chosen from the household troops and full armed, were standing at ease, and they, with a corps of trumpeters and heralds in such splendor of golden horns and tabards of gold as to pour enrichment over the whole ship, filled the space from bulwark to bulwark. The Emperor occupied the throne.
This galley, to which the harmonious movement of the oars gave a semblance of life, in the distance reminding one of a great bird fantastically feathered and in slow majestic motion, was no sooner hove in sight than the townspeople were thrown into ferment. A flotilla of small boats, hastily launched, put out in racing order to meet and escort it into the bay, and before anchorage was found, the whole shore was astir and in ex nike air max 1 black cited babblement.
A detachment of the guard was first landed on the quay in front of the Princess’ gate. Accepting the indication, thither rushed the populace; for in truth, since the occupation of the Asiatic shore of the Bosphorus by the Turks, the Emperor seldom extended his voyages far as Therapia. Then, descending the sides by carpeted stairs, the suite disembarked, and after them, amidst a tremendous flourish from the trumpet corps, Constantine followed.
The Emperor, in his light boat, remained standing during the passage to the shore that he might be seen by the people; and as he then nike air max 1 appeared, helmed and in close-fitting cuirass, his arms in puffed sleeves of red silk, his legs, below a heavily embroidered narrow skirt, clothed in pliant chain mail intricately linked, his feet steel-shod, a purple cloak hanging lig cheap nike air max 1 htly at the back from neck to heel, and spurred and magnificently sworded, and all agleam with jewels and gold, it must be conceded he justified his entitlement.
At sight of his noble countenance, visible under the raised visor, the spectators lifted their voices in hearty acclamations–“God and Constantine! Live the Emperor!”
It really seemed as if the deadly factiousness of the capital had not reached Therapia. In the lifted head, the brightened eyes, the gracious though stately bows cast right and left, Constantine p cheap air max 1 ublished the pleasure the reception was giving him.
A long flourish timed his march through the kiosk of the gate, and along the shell-strewn, winding road, to the broad steps leading to the portico of the palace; there, ascending first, he was received by the Princess.
Amid a group of maids in attendance, a nike air max 1 sale ll young, fair, high-born, she stood, never more tastefully attired, never more graceful and self-possessed, never more lovely, not even in childhood before the flitting of its virginal bloom; and though the portico was garden-like in decoration, vines, roses and flowering shrubs everywhere, the sovereign had eyes for her alone.
Just within the line of fluted pillars he halte nike air max 1 red d, and drew himself up, smiling as became a suitor, yet majestic as became a king. Then she stepped forward, and knelt, and kissed his hand, and when he helped her to her feet, and before the flush on her forehead was gone, she said:
“Thou art my sovereign and benefactor; nor less for the goodnesses thou hast done to thy people, and art constantly doing, welcome, O my Lord, to the house thou didst give me.”
“Speak not so,” he replied. “Or if it please air max 1 thee to give me credit, be it for the things which in some way tried me, not those I di nike air max 1 premium d for reward.”
“Ay, for such are pleasure and peace of mind.”
Then one by one, she naming them as they advanced, her attendants knelt, and kissed the floor in front of him, and had each a pleasant word, for he permitted none to excel him in decorous gallantry to good women.
In return, he called the officers of his company according to their rank; his brother, who had afterward the grace to die with him; the Grand Domestic, general of the army; the Grand Duke Notaras, admiral of the navy; the Grand Equerry (Protostrator); the Grand Chancellor of the Empire (Logothete); the Superintendent of Finance; the Governor of the Palace (Curopalate); the Keeper of the Purple Ink; the Keeper of the Secret Seal; the First Valet; the Chief of nike air max 1 the Night Guard (Grand Drumgaire); the Chief of the Huntsmen (Protocynege); the Commander of the Body Guard of Foreigners (Acolyte); the Professor of Philosophy; the Professor of Elocution and Rhetoric; the Attorney General (Nornophylex); the Chief Falconer (Protojeracaire) and others–these he called one by one, and formally presented to the nike air max 1 leopard Princess, not minding that with many of them she was already acquainted.
They were for the most part men advanced in years, and right well skilled in the arts of courtiership. The empressement of manner with which they saluted her was not lost upon her woman’s instinct; infinitely quick and receptive, she knew without a word spoken, that each left his salute on her hand believing it the hand of his future Empress. Last of those presented was the Dean of the Court. He was noticeably formal and distant; besides be nike air max 1 ebay ing under the eye of his master, the wily diplomat was more doubtful of the outcome of the day’s visit than most of his colleagues.
“Now,” the Princess said, when the presentation was finished, “will my most noble sovereign suffer me to conduct him to the reception room?”
The Emperor stepped to her side, and offered his hand. “Pardon, Sire,” she added, taking the hand. “It is necessary 8

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