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He sat readin, it apparently through, while I arranged my blankets to make a warm bed. Then, since the paper continued to absorb him, I got myself ready, and slid between my blankets for the night. “You’ll n cheap nike air max 90 eed ano cheap nike air max ther candle soon in that lantern,” said I.
He put the paper down. “I would do it all ov nike air max sale er again,” nike air max 90 sale he began. “The whole thing just the same. He knowed the customs of the country, and he played the game. No call to blame me for the customs of the country. You leave other folks’ cattle alone, or you take the consequences, and it was all known to Steve from the start. Would he have me take the Judge’s wages and give him the wink? He must have changed a heap from the Steve I knew if he expected that. I don’t believe he expected that. He knew well enough the only thing that would have let him off would have been a regular jury. For the thieves have got hold of the juries in Johnson County. I would do it all over, just the same.”
The expiring flame leaped in the lantern, and fell blue. He broke off in his words a cheap nike air max trainers s if to arrange the light, but did not, sitting silent instead, just visible, and seeming to watch the death struggle of the flame. I could find nothing to say to him, and I believed he was now winning his way back to serenity by him nike air max 90 self. He kept his outward man so nearly natural that I forgot about that cold touc nike air max classic h of his hand, and never guessed how far out from reason the tide of emotion was even now whirling him. “I remember at Cheyenne onced,” he resumed. And he told me of a Thanksgiving visit to town that he had made with Steve. “We was just colts then,” he said. He dwelt on their coltish doings, their adventures sought and wrought in the perfect fellowship nike air max 95 of youth. “For Steve and me most always hunted in cou ples back in them gamesome years,” he explained. And he fell into the elemental talk of sex, such t cheap nike air max trainers alk as would be an elk’s or tiger’s; and spoken so by him, simply and naturally, as we speak of the seasons, or of death, or of any actuality, it was without offense. It would be offense should I repeat it. Then, abruptly ending these memories of himself and Steve, he went out of the tent, and I heard him dragging a log to the fire. When it had blazed up, there on the tent wall was his shadow and that of the log where he sat with his half-broken heart. And all the while I supposed he was master of himself, and self-justified against Steve’s omission to bid him good-by.
I must have fallen asleep before he returned, for I remember nothing except waking and finding him in his blankets beside me. The fire shadow was gone, cheap nike air max nike air max 1 and gray, cold light was dimly on the tent. He slept restlessly, and his forehead was ploughed b cheap nike air max y lines of pain. While I looked at him he began to mutter, and suddenly started up with violence. “No!” he cried out; “no! Just the same!” and thus wakened himself, staring. “What’s the matter?” he demanded. He was nike air max slow in getting back to where we were; and full consciousness found him sitting up with his eyes fixed on mine. They were more haunted than they had been at all, and his next speech came straight from his dream. “Maybe you’d better quit me. This ain’t your trouble.”
I laughed. “Why, what is the trouble?” ③

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