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not the rose bloom here all the year? Yonder the East, here the West–must they be strangers and enemies forever? His capital, he declares, shall be for their entertainment as elder and younger brother. Within its walls, which he will build strong as a mountain’s base, with gates of brass invulnerable, and towers to descry the clouds below the horizon, he will collect unselfishly whatever is good and beautiful, remembering he serves Allah best who serves his fellow-me moncler sale for kids n.”
“All his fellow-men, Sheik?”
“All of them.”
Then she glanced over the bay, and said very softly: moncler sale
“It is well; for ‘if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others?'”
The Sheik smiled, saying:
“And thus the latest Prophet, O Princess. ‘Turn away evil by that which is better; and lo, he between whom and thyself was enmity, shall become as though he were a warm friend.'” [Footnote: Koran]
She answered, “A goodly echo.”
“Shall I proceed?” he then asked.
“I was speaking of the Third Vision Moncler Outlet …. To make his capital the centre of the earth, he will have a harbor where ships from every country, and all at once, can come and lie, oars slung and sails furled: and near by for trade, a bazaar with streets of marble, and roofed with glass, and broad and long enough for a city unto itself; and in the midst a moncler sale authentic khan for lodging the merchants and travellers who have not other houses. And as did Abderrahman, he will build a University of vast enclosure; here temples, there groves; nor may a study be named without its teacher, and he the most famous; so the votaries of Music and Poetry, Philosophy, Science, and the Arts, and the hundred-handed Mechanics shall dwell together like soldiers in a holy league. And comes that way one religious, of him but a question, Believest thou in God? and if he answer yes, then for him a moncler men sale ready welcome. For of what moment is it, my Lord asks, whether God bear this name or that? Or be worshipped with or without form? Or on foot or knee? Or whether the devout be called together by voice or bell? Is not Faith everything?”
The picture wrought upon the Princess. Her countenance was radiant, and she said half to herself, but so the Sheik heard her:
“It is a noble Vision.”
Then the Sheik lowered his voice:
“If, with such schemes, excluding races and religions–hear me again, O Princess!–if with such schemes or visions, as thou wilt, the Lord Mahommed allows himself one selfish dream, wouldst thou condemn him?”
“What is the selfish dream?” she asked.
“He has an open saying, Princess, ‘Light is the life of the world, while Love is the light of life.’ Didst thou ever hear how Othman wooed and won his Malkatoon?” moncler sale
“It is a Turkish tale of love. Mahommed had it from his mother when he was a lad, and he has been haunted ever since with a belief which, to his dreaming, is like the high window in the eastern front of a palace, outwardly the expression-giver, within the principal source of light. ralph lauren sale The idea is strongest what times the moon is in the full; and then he mounts a horse, and hies him, as did Othman, to some solitary place where, with imagination for cup-bearer, he drinks himself into happy drunkenness.” The Sheik, bending forward, caught her eyes with his, and held them so not a glance escaped him.
“He thinks–and not all the Genii, the winged and the unwinged, of the wisest of Kings could win him from the thought–that he will sometime meet a woman who will have the mind, the soul of souls, and the beauty of the mos moncler jackets t beautiful. When she will cross his vision is one of the undelivered moncler sell scriptories which Time is bringing him; yet he is looking for her, and the more constantly because the first sight of her will be his first lesson in the mystery called love. He will know her, for at seeing her a lamp will light itself in his heart, and by it, not the glare of the sun, his spirit will make sure of her spirit. Therefore in his absoluteness of faith, O Princess, there i moncler sale coats s a place already provided for her in his promised capital, and even now he calls it this House of Love. Ah, what hours he has spent planning that abode! He will seat it in the Garden of Perfection, for the glorifying which, trees, birds, flowers, summer-houses, water, hill-tops and shaded vales shall be conquered. Has he not studied the Zehra of Abderrahman? And divide moncler jacket sale d it as it was into halls, courts and chambers, and formed and proportioned each, and set and reset its thousand and more columns, and restored the pearls and gold on its walls, and over the wide Alhambran arches hung silken doors sheened like Paradisean birds? And all that when he shall have found her, his Queen, his Malkatoon, his Spirit of Song, his Breath of Flowers, his Lily of Summer, his Pearl of O moncler sale womens jackets man, his Moon of Radjeb, monotony shall never come where she dwells nor shall she sigh except for him absent. Such, O Princess Irene, is the one dream the Prince has builded with the world shut out. Does it seem to you a vanity of wickedness?”
“No,” she returned, and covered her face, for the Sheik’s look was eager and burning bright.
He knelt then, and kissed the marble at her feet.
“I am Prince Mahommed’s ambassador , O Princess,” he said, rising to his knees. “Forgive me, if I have dared delay the announcement.”
“His ambassador! To what end?”
“I am afraid and trembling.”
He kissed the floor again.
“Assure me of pardon–if only to win me back my courage. It is miserable to be shaken with fear.”
“Thou hast done nothing cheap moncler sale , Sheik, unless drawing thy master’s portrait too 8

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