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We followed the backward trail in among the pines, and came after a time upon their camp. And then I understood the mistake that Shorty had made. He had returned after his failure, and had told that other man of the presence of new horses. He should ha Nike Outlet UK ve kept this a secret; for haste had to be made at once, and nike air max classic two cannot get away quickly upon one horse. But it was nike air max sale poor Shorty’s last blunder. He lay there by their extinct fire, with his wistful, lost-dog face upward, and his thick yellow hair unparted as it had always been. The murder had been nike air max 95 done from behind. We closed the eyes.
“There was no natural harm in him,” said the Virginian. “But you must do a thing well in this country.”
There was not a trace, not a clew, of the other man; and we found a place w nike air max 90 sale here we could soon cover Shorty with earth. As we lifted him we saw the newspaper that he had been reading. He had brought it from the clump of cottonwoods where he and the other man had made a later visit than ours to be sure of the fate of their friends–or possibly in hopes of another hor nike outlet store se. Evidently, when the party were surprised, they had been able to escape with only cheap nike air max trainers one. All of the newspaper was there save the leaf I had nike air max picked up–all and more, for this had pencil writing on it that was not mine, nor did I at first take it in. I thought it might be a clew, and I read it aloud. “Good-by, Jeff,” it said. “I could not have spoke to you without playing the baby.”
“Who’s Jeff?” I asked. But it came over me when I looked at the Virginian. He was standing beside me quite motionless; and then he put out his ha cheap nike air max nd and took the paper, and stood still, looking at the words. “Steve used to call me Jeff,” he said, “because I was Southern. I reckon nobody else ever did.”
He slowly folded the message from the dead, brought by the dead, and rolled it in the coat behind his saddle. For a half-minute he stood leaning his forehead down against the saddle. After this he came back and contemplated Shor ty’s face awhile. “I wish I could thank him,” he said. “I w nike air max 90 ish I could.”
We carried Shorty over and covered him with Nike Outlet earth, and on that laid a few pine branches; then we took up our journey, and by the end of the forenoon we had gone some distance upon our trail through the Teton Mountains. But in front of us the hoofprints ever held their stride of haste, drawing farther from us through the hours, until by the next afternoon somewhere we noticed they we nike air max 1 re no longer to be seen; and after that they never came upon the cheap nike air max trail again.
Chapter 33 The Spinster Loses Some Sleep ③

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