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A good suggestion! I will attend to it. But”–
Again he lapsed into abstraction, and the Princ nike air max 95 e held his peace watchfully.
“Prince,” Mahommed said at length, “it is not often I put myself at another’s bidding, for freedom to go where one pleases is not more to a common man than is freedom to do what pleases him to a sovereign; yet so will I with you in this matter; and as is the custom of Moslems setting out on a voyage I say of our venture, ‘In the name of God be its courses and its moorings.’ That settled, hearken further. What you have given me is not all comprehensible. As I understand you, I am to f cheap nike air max trainers ind the surpassing glory in a field of war. Tell me, lies the field far or near? Where is it? And who is he I am to challenge? There will be room and occasi nike air max on for combat around me everywhere, or, if the occasion exist not, my Spahis in a day’s ride can make one. There is nothing stranger than how small a cause suffices us to set man against man, life or death. But–and now I come to the very difficulty–looking here and there I cannot see a war new in any respect, either of parties, or objects, or pretence, out of which such a prodigious fame is to be plucked. You discern the darkness in which I am groping. Light, O Prince–give me light!”
For an instant the mind of the Jew, sown with subtlety as a mine with fine ore, was stirred with admiration of the quality so strikingly manifested in this demand; but collecting himself, he said, calmly, for the question had been foreseen:
“My Lord was pleased to say a short while ago that the Emir Mirza, on his return from the Hajj, told him of me. Did Mirza tell also of my forbidding hi m to say anything of the predictions I then intrusted him?”
“Yes,” Mahommed answered, smiling, “and I have loved him for the disobedience. He satisfied me to whom he thought his duty was first owing.”
“Well, if evil ensue from the disclosure, it may be justly charged to my indiscretion. Let it pass–only, in reporting me, did not Mirza say, Lord Mahommed, that the prohibition I laid upon him proceeded from a p nike air max sale rudent regard for your interests?”
“And in speaking of the change in the status of the world I then announced, and of the refluent wave the East was to pour upon the West”–
“And of the doom of Constantinople!” Mahommed cried, in a sudden transport of excitement.
“Ay, and of the hero thou wert to be, my Lord! Said he nothing of the other caution I gave him, how absolute verity could only be had by a recast of the horoscope at the city itself? And how I was even then on my way thither?”
“Truly, O Prince. Mirza is a marvel!”
“Thanks, my Lord. The assurance prepares me to answer you nike air max 90 r last demand.”
Then, lowering his voice, the Prince returned to his ordinary manner.
“The glory you are to look for will not depend upon conditions such as parties to the war, or its immediate cause, or the place of its wagement.”
Mahom nike air max classic med listened with open mouth.
“My Lord knows of the dispute long in progress between the Pope of Rome and the Patriarch of Constantinople; one claiming to be the head of the Church of Christ, the other insisting on his equality. The dispute, my Lord also knows, has been carried from East to West, and back and back again, prelate replying to prelate, until the whole Church is falling to pieces, and on every Christian tongue the ‘Church East’ and the ‘Church West’ are common as morning salutations.”
Mahommed nodded.
“Now, my Lord,” the Prince continued, the magnetic eyes intensely bright, “you and I know the capital of Christianity is yonder “–he pointed toward Constantinople–“and that conquering it is taking from Christ an cheap nike air max d giving to Mahomet. What more of definition of thy glory wilt thou require? Thus early I salute nike air max thee a Sword of God.”
Mahommed sprang from his couch, and strode the floor, frequently clapping his hands. Upon the passing of the ecstasy, he stopped in front of the Prince.
“I see it now–the feat of arms impossible to my father reserved for me.”
Again he walked, clapping his hands.
“I pray your pardon,” he said, when the fit was over. “In my great joy I interrupted you.”
“I regret to try my Lord’s patience further,” the Prince answered, with admirable diplomacy. “It were better, however, to take another step in the explanation now. A few months after separating from Mirza in Mecca, I arrived in Constantinople, and every night since, the heavens being clear, I have questioned the stars early and late. I cannot repeat to my Lord all the inquiries I made of them, so many were they, and so varied in form, nor the bases I nike air max 1 laid hold of for horoscopes, each having, as I hoped, to do with the date of the founding of the city. What calculations I have made–tables of figures to cover the sky with a t nike air max 90 sale apestry of algebraic and geometrical symbols: The walks of astrology are well known –I mean those legitimate–nevertheless in my great anxiety, I have even ventured into the arcana of magic forbidden to the Faithful. The seven good angels, and the seven bad, beginning with Jubanladace, first of the good, a celestial messenger, helmeted, sworded with flame, and otherwise beautiful to behold, and ending with Barman, the lowest of the bad, the consort and ally of witches–I besought them all for what they could tell me. Is the time of the r nike air max sale unning of the city now, to-morrow, next week– when? Such the burden of my inquiry. As yet, my Lord, no ans cheap nike air max wer has been given. I am merely bid keep watch on the schism of the Church. In some way the end we hope has connection with that rancor, if, indeed, it be not the grand result. With clear discernment of the tendencies, the Roman Pontiff is striving to lay the quarrel; but he speaks to a rising tide. We cannot hasten the event; neither can he delay it. Our role is patience–patience. At last Europe will fall away, and leave the Greek to care of himself; then, my Lord, you have but to be ready. The end is in the throes of its beginning now.”
“Still you leave me in the dark,” Mahommed cried, with a frown.
“Nay, my Lord, there is a chance for us to make the stars speak.”
The beguiler appeared to hesitate.
“A chance?” Mahommed asked.
“It is dependent, my Lord.”
“Upon what?”
“The life of the Sultan, thy father.”
“Speak not in cheap nike air max riddles, O Prince.”
“Upon his death, thou wilt enter on the 8

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