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rave fellows, those Varangians! Was the corps well composed now as then? He glanced at the lusty examples before him on the stone benches, thinking they might shortly have to answer the question.
These reminiscences, it must not be forgotten, wer moncler jackets e of brief passage with the Prince, much briefer than the time taken in writing them. They were interrupted by the appearance of a military official whose uniform and easy manner bespoke palace life. He begged to be informed if he had the honor of addressing the Prince of India; and being affirmatively assured, he announced himself sent to conduct him to His Majesty. The hill was steep, and the way somewhat circuitous; di Moncler Outlet d the Prince need assistance? The detention, he added, was owing to delay in getting intelligence of the Prince’s arrival to His Majesty, who had been closely engaged, arranging for certain ceremonies which were to occur in the evening. Perhaps His Majesty had appointed the audience imagining the ceremonies might prove entertaining to the Prince. These civilities, and others, were properly responded to, moncler sale womens jackets and pres moncler sale authentic ently the cortege was in motion.
The lower terrace was a garden of singular perfection.
On the second terrace, the party came to the ruined Church where, during a halt, the officer told of the fire. His Majesty had registered a vow, he said, at the end of the story, to rebuild the edifice in a style superior to any former restoration.
The Prince, while listening, observed the place. Excepting the Church, it was as of old. There the grove of cypresses, very ancient, and tall and dark. There, too, the Chapel of purplish stone, and at one side of it the sentry box and bench, and what seemed the identical detail of Varangians on duty. There the enclosed space between the edifices, and the road across the pavement to the next terrace only a little deeper worn. There the arched gateway of moncler sale for kids massive masonry through whi moncler jacket sale ch the road moncler men sale conducted, the carving about it handsome as ever; and there, finally, from the base of the Chapel, the brook, undiminished in volume and song, ran off out of sight into the grove, an old acquaintance of the Prince’s.
Moving on through the arched way, the guide led up to the third and last terrace. Near the top there was a cut, and on its right embankment a party of workmen spreading and securing a canopy of red cloth.
“Observe, O Prince,” the officer said. “From this position, if I mistake not, you will witness the ceremony I mentioned as in preparation.”
The guest had time to express his gratification, when the Palace of Blacherne, the Very High Residence, burst upon him in long extended view, a marvel of imperial prodigality and Byzantine geniu cheap moncler sale s.
Part 4 Chapter 2 The Audience
The sedan was set down before a marble gat e on the third terrace.
“My duty is hardly complete. Suffer me to conduct you farther,” the officer said, politely, as the Prince stepped from the box.
“And my servants?”
“They will await you.”
The speakers were near the left corner of a building which projected considerably from the general front line of the Palace. The wall, the gateway, and the building were of white marble smoothly dressed.
After a few words with Syama, the Prince followed his guide into a narrow enclosure on the right of which there was a flight of steps, and on the left a guard house. Ascending the steps, the two traversed a passage until they came to a door.
“The waiting-room. Enter,” said the condu moncler sale ctor.
Four heavily curtained windows lighted the apartment. In the centre there were a massive table, and, slightly removed from it, a burnished copper moncler sell brazier. Bright-hued rugs covered the floor, and here and there stools carven and upholstered were drawn against the painted walls. The officer, having seen his charge comfortably seated, excused himself and disappeared.
Hardly was he gone when two servants handsomely attired came in with refreshments–fruits in natural state, fruits candied, sweetened bread, sherbet, wine and water. A chief followed them, and, with much humility of manner, led the Prince to a seat at the table, and invited him to help himself. The gues moncler sale t was then left alone; and while he ate and drank he wondered at the stillness prevalent; the very house seemed in awe.
Ere long another official entered, and after apologizing for introducing himself, said: “I am Dean of the Court. In the absence of my lord Phranza, it has fallen to me to discharge, well ralph lauren sale as I can, the duties of Grand Chamberlain.”
The Prince, observant of the scrutinizing glance the Dean gave his person, acknowledged the honor done him, and the pleasure he derived from the acquaintance. The Dean o moncler sale coats ught to be happy; he had great fame in the city and abroad as a most courteous, intelligent, and faithful servant; there was no doubt he deserved preeminently the confidence his royal master reposed in him.
“I am come, O Prince,” the old functionary said, after thanks for the friendly words, “to ascertain if you are refreshed, and ready for the audience.”
“I am ready.”8

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