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w,” he said vaguely. “I’m kind of for that old coon.”
The bend shut him out. After the buckboard had dipped into the horseshoe and out to the next point, they again looked back. The smoke of marching rose above the trees to eddy lazily up the mountain. California John, a tiny figure now, sti nike air max classic ll sat patiently guarding the portals of an empty duty.
Part 3 Chapter 7
Bob and Welton left the buckboard at Sycamore Flats and rode up to the mill by a detour. There they plunged into active work. The labour of getting the new enterprise und cheap nike air max trainers er way proved to be tremendous. A very competent woods foreman, named Post, was in charge of the actual logging, so Welton gave his undivided attention to the mill work. All day the huge peeled timbers slid and creaked alon nike air max sale g the greased slides, dragged mightily by a straining wire cable that snapped and swung dangerously. When they had reached the solid “bank” that slanted down toward the mill, the obstreperous “bull” donkey lowered its crest of white steam, coughed, and was still. A man threw over the first of these timbers a heavy rope, armed with a hook, that another man drove home with a blow of his sledge. The rope tightened. Over rolled the log, out from the greased slide, to come, finally, to rest among its fellows at the entrance to the mill.
Thence it disappeared, moved always by steam-driven hooks, for these great logs could not be managed by hand implements. cheap nike air max trainers The sawyers, at their levers, controlled the various activities. When the time came the smooth, deadly steel ribbon of the modern bandsaws hummed hungrily into the great pines; the automatic roller hurried the new-sawn boards to the edgers; little cars piled high with them sho cheap nike air max t out from the cool dimness into the dazzling sunlight; men armed with heavy canvas or leather stacked them in the yards; and then—-
That was the trouble; and then, nothing!
From this point they should have gone farther. Clamped in rectangular bundles, pushing the raging white water before their blunt noses, as strange craft they should have been flashing at regular intervals down the twisting, turning and plunging course of the flume. Arrived safely at the bottom, the eight-and twelve-horse teams should have taken them in charge, dragging them by the double wagon load to the waiting yards of Marshall & Harding. Nothing of the sort was happening. nike air max Welton did not dare go ahead with the water for fear of prejudicing his own case. The lumber accumulated. And, as the mill’s capacity was great and that of the yards small, the accumulation nike air max 1 soon threatened to become embarrassing.
Bob acted as Welton’s lieutenant. As the older lumberman was at first occupied in testing out his sawyers, and otherwise supervising the finished product cheap nike air max 90 , Bob was necessarily much in the woods. This suited him perfectly. Every morning at six he and the men tramped to the scene of operations. There a dozen crews scattered to as many tasks. Far in the van the fellers plied their implements. First of all they determined which way a tree could be made to fall, estimating long and carefully on the weight of limbs, the slant of the trunk, the slope of ground, all the nike air max 90 sale elements having to do with the centre of gravity. This having been determined, the men next chopped notches of the right depth for the insertion of short boards to afford footholds high enough to enable them to nick the tree above the swel l of the roots. Standing on these springy an cheap nike air max d uncertain boards, they began their real work, swinging their axes alternately, with untiring patience and incomparable accuracy. Slowly, very slowly, the “nick” grew, a mouth gaping ever wider in the brown tree. When it had gaped wide enough the men hopped down from their springboards, laid aside their axes, and betook themselves to the saw. And when, at last, the wedges inserted in the saw-crack started the mighty top, the men calmly withdrew the long ribbon of steel and stood to one side.
[Illustration: The men calmly withdrew the long r cheap nike air max ibbon of steel and stood to one side]
After the dust had subsided, and the last reverberations of that mighty crash had ceased to reecho through the forest, the fellers stepped forward to examine their work. They took all things into consideration, such as old wind shakes, new decay, twist of grain and location of the limbs. Then they measured off the prostrate trunk into logs of twelve, fourteen, six nike air max 90 teen, eighteen, or even twenty feet, according to the best expediency. The division points between logs they notched plainly, and, shouldering their axes and their sledge and their long, limber saw, pocketing their wedges and their bottle of coal oil, they moved on to where the next mighty pine had through all the centuries been awaiting their coming.
Now arrived on the scene the “swampers” and cross-cut men, swarming over nike air max 95 the prostrate tree like ants over a piece of sugar. Some of them cut off limbs; others, with axes and crowbars, began to pry away great slabs of bark; still others, with much precaution of shovel, wedge and axe against jamming, commenced the slow and laborious undertaking of sawing apart the logs.
But most interesting and complicated of all were

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