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speaking of the Turkish soldiery whose arrival at the ancient stronghold had been so nearly simultaneous with her own. Then he addressed himself to the Grand Domestic and the Admiral. „My Lords, in passing the Castle, on our way up, you remember I bade the pilot take our ship near the shore there. It seemed to me the garrison was showing unusually large, while the flags on the donjon were strange, and the tents and horses around the walls implied an army present. You remember?“
„And we have now, Sire, the justification of your superior wisdom,“ the Grand Domestic replied, rising from a low salutation.
„I recall the circumstance, my Lords, to enjoin you not to suffer the affair to slip attention when next we meet in council–I pray pardon, daughter, for breaking the thread of your most interesting and important narrative. I am prepare nike dunks high tops d to listen further.“
Then, after description of the Governor, and his reception of the fugitives on the landing, His Majesty, with apologies, asked permission to offer another inquiry.
„Of a truth, daughter, the picture thou hast given us under the title of Governor beareth no likeness to him who hath heretofore responded to that dignity. At various times I have had occasion to despatch messengers to the comma cheap nike dunks ndant, and returning, they have reported him a coarse, unrefined, brutish-looking person, of middle age and low rank; and much I marvel to hear the freedom with which this person doth pledge my august friend and ally, Sultan Amurath. My Lords, this will furnish us an additional point of investigation. Obviously the Castle is of military importance, requiring an old head full of experience to keep it regardful of peace and clear understanding between the powers plying the Bosphorus. We are always to be apprehensive of the fire there is in young blood.“
„With humility, Your Majesty,“ said the Grand Domestic, „I should like to hear from the Princess, whose loveliness is now not more remarkable than her courage and discretion, the evidence she has for the opinion that the young man is really the Governor.“
She was about to r nike dunks high uk eply when Lysander, the old servant, elbowed himself through the brilliant circle, and dropped his javelin noisily by her chair.
„A stranger calling himself an Arab is at the gate,“ he said to her, with the semblance of a salutation.
The simplicity of the ancient, his zeal in the performance of his office, his obliviousness to the imperial presence, caused a ripple of amusement.
„An Arab!“ the Princess exclaimed, in momentary forgetfulness. „How does the man appear?“
Lysander was in turn distraught; after a short delay, however, he managed to answer: „His face is dark, almost black; his head is covered with a great cloth of silk and gold; a gown hides him from neck to heels; in his girdle there is a dagger. He has a lordly air, and does not seem in the least afraid. In brief, my mistress, he looks as if he might be king nike dunks uk of all the camel drivers in the world.“
The description was unexpectedly g nike dunks low raphic; even the Emperor smiled, while many of the train, presuming license from his amusement, laughed aloud. In the midst of the merriment, the Princess, calmly, and with scarce a change from her ordinary tone, proceeded to an explanation.
„Your Majesty,“ she said, „I am reminded of an invitation left with the person whose identity was in discussion the instant of this announcement. In the afternoon, while I was sojourning in the White Castle, an Arab story-teller was presented to me under recommendation of my courteous host. He was said to be of great professional renown in the East, a Sheik travelling to Adrianople for the divertisement of the Hanoum of the Sultan. In t cheap nike dunks he desert they call him endearingly the Singing Sheik. I was glad to have cheap nike dunks the hours assisted in their going, and he did not disappoint me. So charmed was I by his tales and manner of telling them, by his genius, that in taking my departure from what proved a most agreeable retreat, and in acknowledging the hospitable entertainment given me, I referred to the singer, and requested the Governor to prevail on him to extend his journey here, in order to favor me with another opportunity to hear him. Had I then known it was in my Lo rd’s purposes to visit me with such a company of most noble gentlemen, or could I have even anticipated the honor, I should not have appointed to-day for the audience with him. But he is in attendance; and now, with full understanding of the circumstances, it is for Your Majesty to pronounce upon his admission. Perhaps“–she paused with a look of deprecation fairly divi custom nike dunks sible share and share alike between the Emperor and the Lords around her–„perhaps time may hang heavy with my guests this morning; if so, I shall hold myself obliged to the Singing Sheik if he can help me entertain them.“
Now, was there one present to attach a criticism to the favor extended the Arab, he dismissed it summarily, wondering at her easy grace. The Emperor no doubt shared the admiration with his suite; but concealing it, he said, with an air of uncertainty, „Thy recommendation, daughter, is high; and if I remain, verily, it will be with expectation wrought up to a dangerous degree; yet having often heard of the power of the strolling poets of whom this one is in probability nike dunks uk an excellent example, I confess I should be pleased to have thee admit him.“
Of the Admiral, he then asked, „We were to set out in retu nike dunks ebay rn about noon, were we not?“
„About noon, Your Majesty.“
„Well, the hour is hardly upon us. Let the man appear, daughter; only, as thou lovest us, contrive that he keep to short recitals, which, without holding us unwillingly, will yet suffice to give an idea of his mind and methods. And keep thyself prepared for an announcement o nike dunks high f our departure, and when received, mistake it not for discontent with thyself. Admit the Arab.“
Part 3 Chapter 19 Two Turkish Tales
The situation now offered the reader is worth a pause, if only to fix it in mind.
Constantine and Mahommed, soon to be contestants in war, are coming face to face, lovers both of the same woman. The romance is obvious; yet it is heightened by another circumstance. One of them is in danger.
We of course know Aboo-Obeidah, the Singing Sheik, is Prince Mahommed in di nike dunks sguise; we know the Prince also as heir of Amurath the Sultan, a very old man liable to vacate place and life at any moment. Suppose now the rash adventurer–the term fits the youth truly as if he were without rank–should be discovered and denounced to the Emperor. The consequences can only be treated conjecturally.
In the first place, to what extremities the Prince would be put in explaining his presence there. He could plead the inv nike dunks jd itation of the Princess Irene. But his rival would be his judge, and the judge might find it convenient to laugh at the truth, and rest his decision on the prisoner’s disguise, in connection with 8

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