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Majesty to bid me notify you when it is time to make ready for the Mystery to-night. The hour is come; besides which a messen nike air max 2012 g nike air max 95 er from Scholarius waits for an interview.”
Constantine arose.
“Thanks, worthy Dean,” he said; “we will not detain the messenger. The audience is dismissed.”
Then descending from the dais, he gave his hand to the Prince. “I see the idea you have in mind, and it is worthy the bravest effort. I shall look forward to the next audience with concern. Forget not that the guestship continues. My steward will take you in charge. Farewell.”
The Prince, sinking to his knees, kissed the offered hand, whereupon the Emperor said as if just reminded: “Was not your daughter with my kinswoman in the White Castle?”
“Your Majesty, the Princess on that occasion most graciously consented to accept my daughter as her attendant.”
“Were she to continue in the same attendance, Prince, we might hope to have her at court some day.”
“I lay many tha cheap nike air max trainers nks at Your Majesty’s feet. She is most honored by the suggestion.” Constantine in lead of his officers then passed out, while, in care of the steward, the Prince was conducted to the reception room, and served with ref nike air max 1 reshments. Afterwhile through the windows he beheld the day expiring, and the first audience finished, and the second appointed, he was free to think of the approaching Mystery.
Be it said now he was easy in feeling–satisfied with the management of his cause–satisfied with the impression he had made on the Emperor and the court as well. Had not the latter applauded and voted to hear him again? When taken with the care habitually o nike air max 90 sale bserved by leading personages in audiences formal as that just passed, how broadly sympathetic the expressions of the monarch had been.
In great cheerfulness the Prince ate and nike air max drank, and even occupied the wine-colored leisure conning an argument for the occasion in prospect–noon, next day two weeks! And more clearly than ever his scheme seemed good. Could he carry it through–could he succeed–the good would be recognized–never a doubt of that. If men were sometimes blind, God was always just.
In thought he sped forward of the coming appointment, and saw himself not only the apostle of the reform, but the chosen agent, the accredited go-between of Constantine and the young Mahommed. He remembered the points of negotiation between them. He would not require the Turk to yield the prophetic character of Mahomet; neither should the Byzantine’s faith in Christ su nike air max classic ffer curtailment; he would ask them, however, to agree to a new relation between Mahomet and Christ on the one side and God on the othe cheap nike air max r–that, namely, long conceded, as having existed between God and Elijah. And then, an article of the utmost materiality, the very soul of the recast religion, he would insist that they obligate themselves to worship God alone, worship being His exclusive prerogative, and that this condition of exclusive worship be prescribed the only test of fraternity in religion; all other worship to be punishable as heresy. Nor stopped he with Mahommed and Constantine; he doubted not bringing the Rabbis to such a treaty. How almost identical it was with the Judaism of Moses. The Bishop of Rome might protest. What matter? Romanism segregated must die. And so the isms of the Brahman and the Hindoo, so the Buddhist, the Confucian, the Mencian–they would all perish under the hammeri ng of the union. Then, too, Time would make the work pe air max 2013 rfect, and gradually wear Christ and Mahomet out of mind–he and Time together. What if the task did take ages? He had an advantage over other reformers–he could keep his reform in motion–he could guide and direct it–he could promise himself life to see it in full acceptance. In the exuberance of triumphant feeling, he actually rejoiced in his doom, and for the moment imagined it more than a divine mercy.
Part 4 Chapter 4 The Pannychides
An invitation from the Emperor to remain and view the procession marching up the heights of Blacherne had been of itself a compliment; but the erection of a stand for the Prince turned the compliment into a personal honor. To say truth, however, he really desired to see the Pannychides, or in plain parlance, the Vigils. He had often heard of them as of prodigious effect upon the participants. Latterly they had fallen into neglect; and knowing how difficult it is to revive a dying custom nike air max 2013 , he imagined the spectacle would be poor and soon over. While reflecting on it, he looked out of the window and was surprised to see the night falling. He yielded then to restlessness, until suddenly an idea arose and absorbed him.
Suppose the Emperor won to his scheme; was its success assured? So used was he to thinking of the power of kings and emperors as the sole essential to the things he proposed that in this instance he had failed to concede importance to the Church; and probably he would have gone on in the delusion but for the Mysteries which were now to pass before him. They forced him to think of the power religious organizations exercise over men.
And this Church–this old Byzantine Church! Ay, truly! The Byzantine conscience was under its direction; it was the Father Confessor of the Empire; its voice in the common ear was the voice of God. To cast Christ out of its system would be like wrenching a man’s heart out of his body. It was here and there–everywhere in fact–in signs, trophies, monuments –in crosses and images–in monasteries, convents, houses to the Saints, houses to the Mother. What could the Emperor d cheap nike air max o, if it were obstinate and defiant? The night beheld through the window crept into the Wanderer’s heart, and threatened to put out the light kindled there by the new-born hope with which he had come from the audience.
“The Church, the Church! It is the enemy I have to fear,” he kept muttering in dismal repetition, realizing, for the first time, the magnitude of the campaign before him. With a wisdom in wickedness which none of his successors in design have shown, he saw the Christi nike air max 90 an idea in the bosom of the Church unassailable except a substitute satisfactory to its professors could be found. Was God a sufficient s nike air max sale ubstitute? Perhaps–and he turned cold with the reflection–the Pannychides were bringing him an answer. It was an ecclesiastical affair, literally a meeting of Churchmen en masse. Where–when–how could the Church present itself to any man more an actuality in the flesh? Perhaps–and a 8

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