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“No, he don’t think anything of me. Once a man in the John Day Valley didn’ cheap nike air max 90 t think much, and by Canada de Oro I met another. It will always be so here and there, but Trampas beats ’em all. For the others have always expressed themselves–got shut of their poor opinion in the open air.”
“Yu’ see, I had to explain myself to Trampas a right smart while ago, long before ever I laid my eyes on yu’. It was just nothing at all. A little matter of cyards in the days when I was apt to spend my money and my holidays pretty headlong. My gracious, what nonsensical times I have had! But I was apt to win at cyards, ‘specially poker. And Trampas, he met me one night, and I expect he must have thought I looked kind o’ young. So he hated losin’ his money to such a young-lookin nike air max 1 ‘ man, and he took his way of s nike air max ayin’ as much. I had to explain myself to him plainly, so that he learned right away my age had got its growth.
“Well, I expect he hated that worse, having to receive my explanation with folks lookin’ on at us publicly that-a-way, and him without further ideas occurrin’ to him at the moment. That’s what started his poor opinion of me, not havin’ ideas at the moment. And so the boys resumed their cyards.
“I’d most forgot about it. But Trampas’s mem’ry is one of his strong points. Next thing–oh, it’s a good while later–he gets to losin’ flesh because Judge Henry gave me charge of him and some other punchers taking cheap nike air max trainers cattle–”
“That’s not next,” interrupted the girl.
“Not? Why–”
“Don’t you remember?” she said, timid, yet eager. “Don’t you?”
“Blamed if I do!”
“The first time we met?”
“Yes nike air max 95 ; my mem’ry keeps that–like I keep this.” And he brought from his pocket her own handkerchief, the token he had picked up at a river’s brink when he had carried her from an overturned stage.
“We did not exactly meet, then,” she said. “I cheap nike air max t was at that dance. I hadn’t seen you yet; but Trampas was saying something horrid about me, and you said–you said, ‘Rise on your legs, you pole cat, and tell them you’re a liar.’ When I heard that, I think–I think it finished me.” And crimson suffused Molly’s countenance.
“I’d forgot,” the Virginian murmured. Then sharply, “How did you hear it?”
“Mrs. Taylor–”
“Oh! Well, a man would never have told a woman that.”
Molly laughed triumphantly. “Then who told Mrs. Taylor?”
Being caught, he grinned at her. “I reckon husbands are a special kind of man,” was all that he found to say. “W air max 90 ell, since you do know about that, it was the next move in the game. Trampas thought I had no call to stop him sayin’ what he pleased about a woman who was nothin’ to me–then. But all women ought to be somethin’ to a man. So I had to giv cheap nike air max e Trampas another explanation in the presence of folks lookin’ on, and it was just like the cyards. No ideas occurred to nike air max classic him again. And down goes his opinion of me some more!
“Well, I have not been able to raise it. There has been this and that and the other,–yu’ know most of the later doings yourself,–and to-day is the first time I’ve happened to see the man since the doings last autumn. Yu’ seem to know about them, too. He knows I can’t prove he was with that gang of horse thieves. And I can’t prove he killed poor Shorty. But he knows I missed him awful close, and spoiled his thieving for a while. So d’ yu’ wonder he don’t think much of me? But if I had lived to be twenty-nine years old like I am, and with all my chances made no enemy, I’d feel myself a failure.”
His story was finished. He had made her his confida nike air max 90 sale nt i air max 90 sale n matters he had never spoken of before, and she was happy to be thus much nearer to him. It diminished a certain fear that was mingled with her love of him.
During the next several miles he was silent, and his silence was enough for her. Vermont sank away from her thoughts, and Wyoming held less of loneliness. They descended altogether into the map which had stretched below them, so that it was a map no longer, but earth with growing things, and prairie-dogs sitting upon it, and now and then a bird flying over it. And after a while she said to him, “What are you thinking about?”
“I have b nike air max 90 een doing sums. Figured in hours it sounds right short. Figured in minutes it boils up into quite a mess. Twenty by sixty is twelve hundred. Put that into seconds, and yu’ get seventy-two thousand seconds. Seventy-two thousand. nike air max sale Seventy-two thousand seconds yet before we get married.” ③

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