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“I expected you was going to tell me to run away from Trampas. I can’t do that, yu’ know.”
The bishop did know. Never before in all his wilderness work had he faced such a thing. He knew that Trampas was an evil in the country, and that the Virginian was nike air max sale a good. cheap nike air max 90 He knew that the cattle thieves–the rustlers–were nike air max 95 gaining, in numbers and audacity; that they led many weak young fellows to ruin; that they elected their men to office, and controlled juries; that they were a staring menace to Wyoming. His heart was with the Virginian. But there was his Gospel, that he preached, and believed, and tried to live. He stood looking at the ground and drawing a finger along his eyebrow. He wished that he might have heard nothing about all this. But he was not one to blink his responsibility as a Christian server of the church militant.
“Am I right,” he now sl cheap nike air max owly asked, “in believing that you think I am a sincere man?”
“I don’t believe anything about it. I know it.”
“I should run a cheap nike air max trainers way from Trampas,” said the bishop.
“That ain’t quite fair, seh. We all understand you have got to do the things you tell other folks to do. And you do them, seh nike air max . You never talk like anything but a man, and you never set yourself above others. You can saddle your own horses. And I saw yu’ walk unarmed into that White River excitement w cheap nike air max hen those two other parsons was a-foggin’ and a-fannin’ for their own safety. Damn scoundrels!”
The bishop instantly rebuked such language about brothers of his cloth, even though he disapproved both of them and their doctrines. “Every one may be an instrument of Providence,” he conclud nike air max 1 ed.
“Well,” said the Virginian, “if that is so, then Providence makes use of instruments I’d not touch with a ten-foot pole. Now if you was me, seh, and not a bishop, would you run away from Trampas?”
“That’s not quite fair, either!” exclaimed the bishop, with a smile. “Because you are asking me to take another man’s convictions, and yet remain myself.”
“Yes, seh. I nike air max classic am. That’s so. That don’t get at it. I reckon y nike air max 90 sale ou and I can’t get at it.”
“If the Bible,” said the bishop, “which I believe to be God’s word, was anything to you–”
“It is something to me, seh. I have found fine truths in it.”
“‘Thou shalt not kill,'” quoted the bishop. air max 90 “That is plain.”
The Virginian took his turn at smiling. “Mighty plain to me, seh. Make it plain to Trampas, and there’ll be no killin’. We can’t get at it that way.”
Once more the bishop quoted earnestly. “‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord.'”
“How about instruments of Providence, seh? Why, we can’t get at it that way. If you start usin’ the Bible that way, it will mix you up mighty quick, seh.”
“My friend,” the bishop urged, and all his good, warm heart was in it, “my dear fellow–go away for the one night. He’ll change his mind.”
The Vi air max 90 sale rginian shook his head. “He cannot change his word nike air max 90 , seh. Or at least I must stay around till he does. Why, I have given him the say-so. He’s got the choice. Most men would not have took what I took from him in the saloon. Why don’t you ask him to leave town?”
The good bishop was at a standstill. Of all kicking against the pricks none is so hard as this kick of a professing Christian against the whole instinct of human man.
“But you have helped me some,” s aid the Virginian. “I will go and tell her. At least, if I think it will be good for her, I will tell her.” ③

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