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ime, O Princess, and he will be there, not a star in the sky more constant.”
“With my promise of good welcome to him then,” she said, well pleased, “be my messenger, Sir Governor, and say in the morning day after to-morrow at my palace by T nike air max 1 red herapia. And now thanks again, and farewell.”
So saying she held her hand to him, and he kissed it, and assisted her into the boat.
The adieux of the others, the Prince of India, Sergius and Lael, were briefer. The Governor was polite to each of them; at the same time, his eyes, refusing restraint, wandered to where the Princess sat looking at him wit nike air max 1 sale h unveiled face.
In the mouth of the river the boats were brought together, and, while drifting, she expressed the pleasure she had from the fortunate meeting with the Prince; his presence, she doubted not, contributed greatly to the good conclusion of what in its beginning seemed so unpromising.
“Nor can I convey an idea of the confidence and comfortable feeling I derived from the society of thy daughter,” she added, speaking to the Prince, but looking at Lael. “She was co nike air max 1 leopard urageous and sensible, and I cannot content myself until she is my guest at Therapia.”
“I would be greatly pleased,” Lael said, modestly.
“Will the Princess appoint a time?” the Wanderer asked.
“To-morrow–or next week–at your convenien nike air max 1 ce. These warm months are delightful in the country by the water side. At Therapia, Prince–thou and thine. The blessing of the Saints go with you–farewell.”
Then though the boats kept on down toward Constantinople, they separated, and in good time the Prince of India and Lael were at home; while the Princess carried Sergius to her palace in the city. Next day, having provided him with the habit approved by metropolitan Greek priests, she accompanied him to the patriarchal residence, introduced him with expressions of interest, and left him in the holy keeping.
Sergius was accepted and nike air max 1 black rate air max 1 d a neophyte, the vanity of the Byzantine clergy scorning thought of excellence in a Russian provincial. He entered upon the life, however, with humility and zeal, governed by a friendly caution from the Princess.
“Remember,” she said to him, as they paused on the patriarchal doorsteps for permission to enter, “remember Father Hilarion is regarded here as a her nike air max 1 etic. The stake, imprisonment in darkness for life, the lions in the Cynegion, punishment in some form of approved cruelty awaits a follower of his by open avowal. Patience then; and when endurance is tried most, and you feel it must break, come to me at Therapia. Only hold yourself in readiness, by reading and thought, to speak for our Christian faith unsullied by human inventions, and bide my signal.”
And so did he observe everything and venture nothing tha cheap nike air max 1 t presently he was on the road to high favor.
Part 3 Chapter 16 An Embassy To The Princess Irene
When the Princess Irene returned to Therapia next day, she found awaiting her the Dean of the Court, an official of great importance to whom the settlement of questions cheap air max 1 pertinent to rank was confided. The state barge of fifteen oars in which he arrived was moored to the marbles of the quay in front of her palace, a handsomely ornamented vessel scarcely needing its richly liveried rowers to draw about it the curious and idle of the town in staring groups. At sight of it, the Princess knew there was a message for her from the Emperor. She lost no time in notifying the Dean of her readiness to receive him. The interview took place in the reception room.
The Dean was a venerable man who, having served acceptably through the prec nike air max 1 premium eding reign, was immensely discreet, and thoroughly indurat nike air max 1 grey e with formalism and ceremony; wherefore, passing his speech and manner, it is better worth the while to give, briefly as may be, the substance of the communication he brought to the Princess.
He was sure she remembered all the circumstances of the coronation of His Majesty, the Emperor, and of His Majesty’s entry into Constantinople; he was not so certain, however, of her information touching some matters disti cheap air max 1 nguishable as domestic rather than administrative. Or she might know of them, but not reliably. Thus she might not have heard authentically that, immediately upon his becoming settled in the imperial seat, His Majesty decided it of first importance to proceed to the selection of a spouse.
The Dean then expatiated on the difficulty of finding in all the world a woman suitable for the incomparable honor. So many points entered into the consideration–age, appearance, rank, education, religion, dowry, politics–upon each of which he dwelt with the gravity of a philosopher, the assurance of a favorite, and the garrulity of age. Having at length presented the problem, and, he thought, sufficiently impressed the Princess with its unexampled intricacies and perils, he next unfolded the several things resolved upon and attempted nike air max 1 ebay in the way of solution.
Every royal house in the West had been searched for its marriageable females. At one time a daughter of the Doge of Venice was nearly chosen. Unfortunately there were influential Greeks of greater pride than judgment to object to the Doge. He was merely an elective chief. He might die the very day after celebrating the espousals, and then–not even the ducal robes were inheritable. No, the flower to deck the Byzantine throne was not in the West.
Thereupon the East was explored. For a time the election trembled between a Princess of Trebizond and a Princess of 8

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