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wn the flume, they would fall automatically into a systematic scheme of further transportation. He had done this twice before, and he knew all the steps of it, and exactly what would be required of him. Certain complications were likely to arise, requiring each their individual treatments, but as Bob’s experience grew these were becoming fewer and of lesser importance. The creative necessity was steadily lessening as the work became more familiar. Often Bob found his eagerness sinking to a blank; his attention economizing itself to the bare needs of the occasion. He caught himself at times slipping away from the closest interest in what he had to do. His spirit, although he did not kno nike air max 90 sale w it, was beginning once more to shake itself restlessly, to demand, as it had always demanded in the past from the time of his toy printing press in his earliest boyhood, fresh food for the creative instinct that was his. Bobby O nike air max 2012 rde, the child, had been thorough. No superficial knowledge of a subject sufficed. He had worked away at the mechanical difficulties of the cheap toy press after Johnny English, his partner in enterprise, had given up in disgust. By worrying the problem like a terrier, Bobby had shaken it into shape. Then when the commercial possibilities of job printing for parents had drawn Johnny back ablaze with enthusiasm, Bobby had, to his partner’s amazement, lost completely all interest in printing presses. The subject had been exhausted; he had no desire for repetitions.
So it had gone. One after anothe cheap nike air max r h nike air max 95 e had with the utmost fervour taken up photography, sailing, carpentry, metal working–a dozen and one occupations–only to drop them as suddenly. This restlessness of childhood came to be considered a defect in young manhood. It indicated instability of character. Only his mother, wiser in her quiet way, saw the thoroughness with which he ransacked each subject. Bobby would nike air max read and absorb a dozen technical books in a week, reaching eagerly for the vital principles of his subject. She alone realized, although but dimly, that the boy did not relinquish his subject until he had grasped those vital principles.
“He’s learning all the time,” she ventured.
“‘Jack of all trades: master of none,'” quoted Orde doubtfully.
The danger being recognized, little Bobby’s teaching was carefully directed. He was not discouraged in h is varied activities; but the bigger practical principles of American life were inculcated. These may be very briefly stated. An American must not idle; he must direct his energies toward success; success means making one’s way in life; nine times out of ten, for ninety-nine men out of a hundred, that me nike air max 1 ans the business world. To seize the business opportunity; to develop that opportunity through the business virtues of attention to detail, industry, economy, persistence, and enthusiasm–these represented the plain and manifest duty of every citizen who intended to “be somebody.”
Now Bob realized perfectly well that here he was more fortunate than most. A great many of his friends had to begin on small salaries in indoor positions of humdrum and mechanical duty. He had started on a congenial out-of-door occupation of great interest and picturesqueness, one suited to his abilities and promising a great future. Nevertheless, he had now been in the business five years. H nike air max 90 e was beginning to see through and around it. As yet he had not lost one iota of his enthusiasm for the game; but here and there, once in a while, some of the necessary delays and slow, long repetitions of entirely mechanical processes left him leisure to feel irked, to look above him, beyond the affairs that surrounded him. At such times the old blank, doped feeling fell across his mind. It had always been so definite a symptom in his childhood of that state wherein he simply could not drag himself to blow up the nike air max 2013 embers of his extinguished enthusiasm, that he recoiled from himself in alarm. He felt his whole stability of character on trial. If he could not “make good” here, what excuse could there be for him; what was there left for him save the profitless and honourless life of the dilettante and idler? He had caught on to a big business remarkably well, and it was worse than childish to lose his interest in the game even for the fraction of a second. Of course, it amounted to nothing but that. He never did his work better than that spring.
A week after the burial of the Pollock baby, Mrs. Pollock was reported seriously ill. Bob rode up a number of times to inquire, and kept himself fully informed. The doctor came twice from White Oaks, but then ceased his visits. Bob did not know that such visits cost fifty dollars apiece. Mary, Jim’s wife, shared the care of the sick woman with George. She was reported very weak, but getting on. The baby’s death, together with the other anxieties of the last two years, had naturally pulled her down.
nike air max sale Part 3 Chapter 20
Before the gray dawn one Sunday morning Bob, happening to awaken, heard a strange, rumbling, distant sound to the west. His first thought was that the power dam had been opened and was discharging its waters, but as his senses came to him, he realized that this could not be so. He stretched himself idly. A mocking bird uttered a phrase outside. No dregs of drowsiness remained in him, so he dress cheap nike air max ed and walked out into the freshness of the new morning. Here the rumbling sound, which he had concluded had been an effect of his half-conscious imagination, came clearer to his ears. He listened for a moment, then walked rapidly to the Lone Pine Hill from whose slight elevation he could see abroad over the low mountains to the west. The gray light before sunrise was now strengthening every moment. By the time Bob had reached the summit of the knoll it had illuminated the world.
A wandering suction of air toward the higher peaks brought with it the murmur of a multitude. Bob topped the hill and turned his eyes to the west. A great cloud of dust arose from among the chaparral and oaks, drifting slowly but certainly toward the Ranges. Bob could now make out the bawling, shouting, lowing of great herds on the march. In spite nike air max classic of pledges and promises, in spite of California John’s reports, of Thorne’s recommendations, of Plant’s assurances, Simeon Wright’s cattle were again coming in!
Bob shook his head sadly, and his clear-cut young face was grave. No one knew better than himself what this must mean to the mountain people, for his late spring and early fall work had brought him much in contact with them. He walked thoughtfully down the hill.
When just on the outskirts of the little village he was overtaken by George Pollock on horseback. The mountaineer was jogging along at a foot pace, his spurs jingling, his bridle hand high after the Western fashion. When he saw Bob he reined in, nodding a good morning. Bob noticed that he had strapped on a blanket and slicker, and wore his six-shooter.
“You look as though you were going on a journey,” rema cheap nike air max trainers rked Bob.
“Thinking of it,” said Pollock. Bob glanced up quickly at the tone of his voice, which somehow grated unusually on the young man’s ear, but the mountaineer’s face was placid under the brim of his floppy old hat. “Might as well,” continued the cattleman after a moment. “Nothin’ special to keep me.”
“I’m glad Mrs. Pollock is better,” ventured Bob.
“She’s dead,” stated Pollock without emotion. “Died this morning about two o’clock.”
Bob cried out at the utterly unexpected shock of this statement. Pollock looked down on him as though from a great height.
“I sort of expected it,” he answered Bob’s exclamation. “I reckon we won’t talk of it. ‘Spose you see that Wright’s cattle is coming in again? I’m sorry on account of Jim and the other boys. It wipes me out, of course, but it don’t matter as far as I’m concerned, beca air max 2013 use I’m going away, anyway.”
Bob laid his hand on the man’s stirrup leather and walked alongside, thinking rapidly. He did not know how to

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