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Georgia. As usual the court divided on the question, when, to quiet the factions, His Majesty ordered Phranza, the Grand Chamberlain, a courtier of learning and diplomatic experience, who held the Emperor’s confidence in greater degree than any other court official, unless it might be the Dean himsel nike air max 1 black f, to go see the rivals personally, nike air max 1 grey and report with recommendation. The ambassador had been gone two years. From Georgia he had travelled to Trebizond; still nothing definite. The embassy, having been outfitted in a style to adequately impress the semi-barbarians, was proving vastly expensive. His Majesty, with characteristic wisdom, had determined to take the business in his own keeping. There were many noble families in Constantinople. Why not seek a consort among them?
The scheme had advantag es; not least, if a Byzantine could be found, the Emperor would have the happiness of making the discovery and conducting the negotiations himself–in common parlance, of doing his own courting. There might be persons, the Dean facetiously remarked, who preferred trusting the great affair of wife-choosing to ambassadors, but he had cheap air max 1 never seen one of them.
The ground covered by the ancient in his statement is poorly represented by these paragraphs, ample as they may seem to the reader. Indeed, the sun was falling swiftly into the lap of night when he thought of concluding. Meantime the Princess listened silently, her patience sustained by wonder at what it all meant. The enlightenment at last came.
“Now, my dear Princess,” he said, lowering his voice, “you must know “–he arose, and, as became one so endued with palace habits, peered cautiously around.
“Be seated, my Lord,” she said; “there are no eyes in my doors nor ears nike air max 1 sale in my walls.”
“Oh, the matter is of importance–a state secret!” He drew the stool nearer her.
“You must know, dear Princess, that the Grand Chamberlain, Phranza, has been negligent and remiss in the time he has consumed, saying no nike air max 1 leopard thing of his lavishment of treasure so badly needed at home. Notaras, the Admiral, and the Grand Domestic, are both pursuing His Majesty vigorously for funds and supplies; worse still, the Patriarch lets slip no opportunity to bid him look at the furniture of the churches going to ruin. The imperial conscience being tender in whatever pertains to God and religion, he has little peace left for prayers. Wherefore, there are of us who think it would be loyalty to help secure a bride for His Majesty at home, and thus make an end to the wasteful and inconclusive touring of Phranza.”
The Dean drew yet nearer the Princess, and reduced his voice to a tone slightly above a whisper.
“Now you must know further–I am the author and suggestor of the idea of His Majesty’s choosing an Empress from the many nobl cheap air max 1 e and beautiful dames and m nike air max 1 aidens of this our ancient city of Byzantium, in every respect the equals, and in many points mentionable the superiors of the best foreigner possible of finding.”
The Dean pursed his white-bearded mouth, and posed himself proudly; but his auditor still holding her peace, he leaned forward further, and whispered, “My dear Princess, I did more. I mentioned you to His Majesty”–
The P nike air max 1 rincess started to her feet, whiter than whitest marble in the Pentelic panelling of the room; yet in total misapprehension of her feeling, the venerable intriguant went on without pause: “Yes, I mentioned you to His Majesty, and to-morrow, Princess–to-morrow–he will come here in person to see you, and urge his suit.”
He dropped on his knees, and catching her hand, kissed it.
“O Princess, fairest and most worthy, suffer me first of all the court to congratulate you on the superlative honor to w air max 1 hich you will he invited. And when you are in the exalted position, may I hope to he remembered”–
He was not permitted to finish the petition. Withdrawing her hand with decisive action, she bade him be silent or speak to her questions. And he was silent through surprise.
In such manner she gained an interval for thought. The p nike air max 1 ebay redicament, as she saw it, was troublesome and unfortunate. Honor was intended her, the highest in the imperial gift, and the offer was coming with never a doubt of its instantaneous and grat cheap nike air max 1 eful acceptance. Remembering her obligations to the Emperor, her eyes filled with tears. She respected and venerated him, yet could not be his Empress. The great title was not a sufficient inducement. But how manage the rejection? She called on the Virgin for help. Directly there was a way exposed. First, she must save her benefactor from rejection; second, the Dean and the court must never know of the course of the affair or its conclusion.
“Rise, my Lord,” she said, kindly though with firmness. “The receiver of great news, nike air max 1 red I thank you, and promise, if ever I attain the throne to hold you in recollection. But now, so am I overwh nike air max 1 premium elmed by the prospect, I am not myself. Indeed, my Lord, would you increase my indebtedness to its utmost limit, take every acknowledgment as said, and leave me–leave me for preparation for the morrow’s event. God, his Son and angels only know the awfulness of my need of right direction and good judgment.”
He had the wit to see her agitation, and that it was wisest for him to depart.
“I will go, Princess,” he said, “and may the Holy Mother give you of her wisdom also.” She detained him at the door to ask: “Only tell me, my Lord, did His Majesty send you with this notice?”
“His Majesty honored me with the message.”8

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