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ropping then into the passionless manner, he continued:
“The Koran does not deny Christ or his Gospels. Hear what it says of itself: ‘And this Koran is not a forgery of one who is no God, but it hath been sent down as a confirmation of those books which have been before it, and an explanation of the Scr Moncler Outlet iptures from the Lord of the Worlds.’ [Footnote: The Koran] … That verse, O Princess, transcribed by the Prince Mahommed himself, lies between the Bible and the Koran; the two being, a moncler jackets s I have said, always together upon his table.”
“What then is his faith?” she asked, undisguisedly interested.
“Would he were here to declare it himself!”
This was said disconsolately; then the Sheik broke out:
“The truth now of the son of Amurath! Listen!–He believes in God. He believes in the Scriptures and the Koran, holding them separate wings of the divine Truth by which the world is to attain righteousness. He believes there have been three moncler sale authentic Prophets specially in the confidence of God: Moses, the first one; Jesus, who was greater than Moses; Mahomet, the very greatest–not for speaking better or sublimer things, but because he was last in their order of coming. Above all, O Princess, he believes worship due to the Most High alone; therefore he prays the prayer of Islam, God is God, and Mahomet is his Prophet–meaning that the Prophet is not to be mistaken for God.”
The Sheik raised his dark eyes, and upon meeting them the Princess looked out over the bay. That she was not displeased was the most he could read in her face, the youthful light of which was a little shaded by thinking. He waited for her to speak.
“There were other books upon the Prince’s table?” she presently asked.
“There were others, O Princess moncler sale womens jackets .”
“Canst thou name some of them?”
The Sheik bowed profoundly.
“I see the pearls of Ebn Hanife’s saying were not wasted. Mahomm moncler sale ed is now to be tried by his tastes and preferences. Let it be so…. I saw there, besides dictionaries Greek, Latin, and Hebrew, the Encyclopaedia of Sciences, a rare and wonderful volume by a Granadian Moor, Ibn Abdallah. I saw there the Astronomy and Astronomical Tables of Ibn Junis, and with them a silver globe perfected from the calculations of Almamon the Kaliph, which helps us to the geographical principle not yet acknowledged in Rome, that the earth is round. I saw there the Book of the Balance of Wisdom by Alhazan, who delved into the laws of nature until there is nothing phenomenal left. I saw there the Philosophy of Azazzali the Arab, f moncler sale for kids or which both Christian and Moslem should be grateful, since it has given Philosophy its true place by exalting it into a handmaiden of Religion. I saw there books treating of trade and commerce, of arms and armor, and machines for the assault and defence of cities, of military engineering, and the conduct of armies in grand campai moncler sell gns, of engineering not military, dealing with surveying, and the construction of highways, aqueducts, and bridges, and the laying out of towns. There, also, because the soul of the student must have rest and diversion, I saw volumes of songs and music loved by lovers in every land, and drawings of mosques, churches and palaces, masterpieces of Indian and Saracenic genius; and of gardens there moncler jacket sale was the Zebra, created by Abderrahman for the best loved of his Sultanas. Of poetry, O Princess, I saw many books, the lord of them a copy of Homer in Arabic, executed on ivory from the translation ordered by Haroun Al-Raschid.”
During this recital the Princess scarcely moved. She was hearing a new version of Mahommed; and the Sheik, like a master satisfied with his premises, proceeded to conclusions.
“My Lord has a habit of dreaming, and he does not deny it–he believes in it. In his student days, he called it his rest. He used to say, when his brain reeled in overtask dreaming was a pillow of down and lavender; that cheap moncler sale in moments of despair, dreaming took his spirit in its hands softer than air, and, nurse-like, whispered and sung to it, ralph lauren sale and presently it was strong again. Not many mornings ago he awoke to find that in a deep sleep some ministrant had come to him, and opened the doors of his heart, and let out its flock of boyish fantasies. He has since known but three visions. Would it please you, O Princess, to hear of them? They may be useful as threads on which to hang the Dervish father’s pearls of saying.”
She re-settled herself, resting her cheek on her hand, and her elbow on the arm of the chair, and replied:
“I will hear of them.”
“The visions have all of them reference to the throne he is soon to ascend, without which they would be the mere jingling of a jester’s rattle.
“First Vision… moncler men sale . He will be a hero. If his soul turned from war, he were not his father’s son. But unlike his father, he holds war the servant of peace, and peace the condition essential to his other visions.
“Second Vision…. He believes his people have the genius of the Moors, and he will cultivate it in rivalry of that marvellous race.”
“Of the Moors, O Sheik?” the Princess said, interrupting him. “Of the Moors? I have always heard of them as pillagers of sacred cities moncler sale coats — infidels sunk in ignorance, who stole the name of God to excuse invasions and the spilling of rivers of blood.”
The Sheik lifted his head haughtily.
“I am an Arab, and the Moors are Arabs translated from the East to the West.”
“I crave thy pardon,” she said, gently.
And calming himself, he rejoined: “If I weary you, O Princess, there are other subjects to which I can turn. My memory is like the box of sandal-wood a lady keeps for her jewelry. I can open it at will, and always find something to please–better probably because I have it from another.”
“No,” she returned, artlessly, “a hero in actual life transcends the best of fancies–and besides, Sheik, you spoke of a third vision of your friend, the Prince Mahommed.”
He dropped his eyes lest she should see the brightness with which they filled.
“War, my Lord says, is a necessity which, as Sultan, he cannot avoid. Were he disposed to content himself with the empire descending from his great father, envious neighbors would challenge him to the field. He must prove his capacity in defence. Tha moncler sale t done, he vows to tread the path made white and smooth by Abderrahman, the noblest and best of the Western Kaliphs. He will set out by founding a capital somewhere on the Bosphorus. Such, O Princess, is my Lord Mahommed’s Third Vision.”
“Nay, Sheik–on the Marmora–at Broussa, perhaps.”
“I am giving the Vision as he gave it to me, Princess. For where else, he asks, has the spreading earth diviner features than on the Bosphorus? Where bends a softer sky above a friendlier channel by Nature moulded for nobler uses? Where are there seas so bridled and reduced? Does 8

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