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rl ran over rapidly a half-dozen names, sketching briefly the business they had b nike air max 1 rought. Then, one after the other, she told the answers she had made to them. This one had been given blanks, forms and That one had been told clearly that he was in the wrong, and must amend his ways. The other had been advised but tentatively, and informed that he must see the Supervisor personally. To each of these Thorne responded by a brief nod, puffing, meanwhile, on his pipe.
“All right?” she asked, when she had finished.
“All right but one,” said he, removing h cheap air max 1 is pipe at last. “I don’t think it will be advisable to let Francotti have what he wants.”
“Pull the string, then!” cried the girl gaily.
Thorne turned to California John in discussion of the Francotti affair.
“What do you mean by ‘pull the string’?” Bob took the occasion to inquire.
“I settle a lot of these little matters that aren’t worth bothering Ashley w nike air max 1 grey ith,” she explained, “but I tie a string to each of my decisions. I always make them ‘subject to the Supervisor’s approval.’ Then if I do wrong, all I have to do is to write the man and tell him the Supervisor does not approve.”
“I shouldn’t think you’d like that,” said Bob.
“Like what?”
“Why, it sort of puts you in a hole, doesn’t it? Lays all the blame on you.”
She laughed in frank amusement.
“What of it?” she challenged.
“Any letters?” Thorne asked abruptly. “Morto air max 1 sale n brought mail this morning, didn’t he?”
“Nothing wildly important–except that they’re thinking of adopting a ranger uniform.”
“A uniform!” snorted California John, rearing his old head.
“Oh, yes, I’ve heard of that,” put in Thorne instantly. “It’s to be a white pith helmet with a green silk scarf on it; red coat with gold lace, and white, English riding breeches with leather leggins. nike air max 1 premium Don’t you think old John would look sweet in that?” he asked Bob.
But the old man refused to be drawn out.
“Supervisors same; but with a gold pompon on top the helmet,” he observed. “What _is_ the dang thing, anyway, Amy?” he asked.
“Dark green whipcord, green buttons, gray hat, military cut.”
“Not bad,” said Thorne.
“About one fifty-mile ride and one fire would make that outfit look like a bunch of mildewed alfalfa. Blue jeans is about my nike air max 1 leopard sort of uniform,” observed John.
“I don’t believe we’d be supposed to wear it on range,” suggested Thorne. “Only in town and official business.” He turned to the girl again: “May have to go over Baldy to-morrow,” said he, “so we’ll run off those letters.”
She arose and saluted, military fashion. The two disappeared in the tiny box-office, whence presently came the sound of Thorne’s voice in dictation.
California John knocked the ashes from nike air max 1 sale his pipe.
“Get your apron on, sonny,” said he.
He tested the water on the stove and slammed out a commodious dish-pan.
“Glasses first; then silver; and if you break anything, I’ll bash in your fool head. There’s going to be some style to this dishwashing. I used to slide ’em all in together and let her go. But that ain’t the way here. She knows four aces and the jolly joker better than nike air max 1 ebay that. Glasses first.”
They washed and wiped the dishes, and laid them carefully away.
“She’s a little wonder,” said California John, nodding at the office, “and there ain’t none of the boys but helps all they can.”
Thorne called the old man by name, and he disappeared into the office. A moment later the girl emerged, smoothing back her hair with both hands. She stepped immediately to the little kitchen.
“Thank you,” said she. “That helps.”
“It was old John,” disclaimed Bob. “I’m ashamed to say I should never have thought of it.”
The girl nodded carelessly.
“Where did you learn stenography?” asked Bob.
“Oh, I got that out of a ten-cent magazine too.” She sat on a bench, looked up at the sky through the trees, and drew a deep breath.
“You’re tired,” said Bob.
“Not a bit,” she denied. “But I don’t often get a chance to just look up.”
“You seem to do the gardening, the cooking, cheap nike air max 1 the housework, the clerical work–you don’t do the laundry, too, do you?” demanded Bob ironically.
“You noticed those miserable khakis!” cried Amy with a gesture of dismay. “Ashley,” she called, “change those khakis before you go out,”
“Yes, mama,” came back a mock childish voice.
“What’s your salary?” demanded Bob bluntly, nodding toward the office.
“What?” she asked, as though puzzled.
“Didn’t you say you were the clerk?”
“Oh, I see. I just help Ashley out. He could _never_ get through the field work and the office work both.”
“Doesn’t the Service allow him a clerk?”
“Not yet; but it will in time.”
“What is Mr. Thorne’s salary?”
“Well, really—-”
“Oh, I beg pardon,” cried Bob flushing; “I just air max 1 meant supervisors’ salaries, of course. I wasn’t prying, really. It’s all a matter of public record, isn’t it?”
“Of course.” The girl checked herself. “Well, it’s eighteen hundred–and something for expenses.”
“Eighteen hundred!” cried Bob. “Do you mean to say that the _two_ of you give all your time for that! Why, we pay a good woods foreman pretty near that!”
“And that’s all you do pay him,” said the girl quietl nike air max 1 red y. “Money wage isn’t the whole pay for any job that is worth doing.”
“Don’t understand,” said Bob briefly.
“We belong to the Service,” she stated with a little movement of pride. “Those tasks in life which give a high moneyed wage, generally give only that. Part of our compensation is that we belong to the Service; we are doing something for the whole people, not just for ourselves.” She caught Bob’s half-smile, more at her earnestness than at her sentiment, and took fire. “You needn’t laugh!” she cried. “It’s small now, but that’s because it’s the beginning, because we have the privilege of being the forerunners, the pioneers! The time will come when in this country there will be three great Services–the Army, the Navy, the Forest; and an officer in the one will be as much respected and looked up to as the others! Perhaps cheap nike air max 1 more! In the long times of peace, while they are occupied with their eternal Preparation, we shall be labouring at Accomplishment.”
She broke off abruptly.
“If you don’t want to get me started, don’t be superior,” she ended, half apologetic, half resentful.
“But I do want to get you started,” said Bob.
“It’s amusing, I don’t doubt.”
“Not quite that: it’s interesting, and I am no longer bewildered at the eighteen hundred a year–that is,” he quoted a popular song, “‘if there are any more at home like you.'”
She looked at him humorously despairing.
“That’s just like an outsider. There are plenty who feel as I do, but they don’t say so. Look at old California John, at Ross Fletcher, at a half-dozen others under your very nose. Have you ever stopped to think why they have so long been loyal? I don’t suppose you have, for I dou nike air max 1 black bt if they have. But you mark my words!”
“All right, Field Marshal–or is it ‘General’?” said Bob.
She laughed.
“Just camp cook,” she replied good-humouredly.
The sun was slanting low through the tall, straight trunks of the trees. Amy Thorne arose, gathered a hand

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