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conversation she held with him in the bright inner court. And the creed of nine words! He felt for it, and found it safe. Then his thought flew to Lael. She had exonerated herself. Demedes was a liar–Demedes, the nike air max 1 grey presumptuous knave! He was to have been at the fete, but had not dared go. There was a limit to his audacity; and in great thankfulness for the discovery, Sergius tossed an arm over the edge of the narrow cot, and struck the stool, nike air max 1 red his solitary item of furniture. He raised his head, cheap air max 1 and looked at the stool, wondering how it came there so close to his cot. What was that he saw? A fan?–And in his chamber? Somebody had brought it in. He examined it cautiously. Whose was it? Whose could it be?–How!–No–but it was the very fan he had seen Lael toss to the hamari from the portico! And the hamari?
A bit of folded paper on the settle attracted his attention. He snatched it up, opened, and read it, cheap nike air max 1 and while he read his brows knit, his eyes opened to their full.
“PATIENCE–COURAGE– nike air max 1 premium JUDGMENT!
“Thou art better apprised of the meaning of the motto than thou wert yesterday.
“Thy seat in the Academy is still reserved for thee.
“Thou mayst find the fan of the Princess of India useful; with me it is embalmed in sentiment.
“Be wise. THE HAMARI.”
He read the scrap twice, the second time slowly; then it fell rustling to the floor, while he clasped his hands and looked to Heaven. A murmur was all he could accomplish.
Afterwards, prostrate on the cot, his face to the wall, he debated with himself, and concluded:
“The Greek is capable of any villany he sets about–of abduction and murder–and now indeed must Lael beware!”
Part 4 Chapter 15 The Prince Of India Preaches God To The Gre
We will now take the liberty of reopening the nike air max 1 black audience chamber of the palace of Blacherne, presuming the reader holds it in recollection. It is the day when, by special appointment, the Prince of India appears before the Emperor Constantine to present his idea of a basis for Universal Religious Union. The hour is exactly noon.
A report of the Prince’s former audience with His Majesty had awakened general curiosit nike air max 1 ebay y to see the stranger and hear his discourse. This was particularly the feeling in spiritual circles; by which term the most influential makers of public opinion are meant. A sharp though decorous rivalry for invitations to be present on the occasion ensued.
The Emperor, in robes varied but little from those he wore the day of the Prince’s first audience, occupied the throne on the dais. On both sides of him the company sat in a semicircular arrangement which nike air max 1 leopard left them all facing the door of the main entrance, and permitted the placement of a table in a central p air max 1 sale osition under every eye.
The appearance of the assemblage would have disappointed the reader; for while the court was numerously represented, with every functionary in his utmost splendor of decoration, it was outnumbered by the brethren of the Holy Orders, whose gowns, for the most part of gray and black material unrelieved by gayety in color, imparted a sombreness to the scene which the ample light of the chamber could not entirely dissipate, assisted though it was by refractions in plenitude from heads bald and heads merely tonsured.
It should be observed now that besides a very striking exterior, the Emperor fancied he discerned in the Prince of India an idea enriched by an extraordinary experience. At loss to make cheap air max 1 him out, impressed, not unpleasantly, with the mystery the stranger had managed, as usual, to leave behind him, His Majesty had looked forward to this second appearance with interest, and turned it over with a view to squeezing out all of profit there might be in it. Why not, he asked himself, make use of the opportunity to bring the chiefs of the religious factions once more together? The explosive tendency wh ich it seemed impossible for them to leave in their cells with their old dalmatics had made it politic to keep them apart widely and often as circumstances would permit; here, however, he thought the danger might be averted, since they would attend as auditors from whom speech or even the asking a question would be out of order unless by permission. The imperial presence, it was also judged, would restrain the boldes nike air max 1 sale t of them from resolving himself into a disputant.
The arrangement of the chamber for the audience had been a knotty problem to our venerable acquaintance, the Dean; but at last he submitted his plan, giving every invitee a place by ticket; the Emperor, however, blotted it out mercilessly. “Ah, my old friend,” he said, with a smile which assuaged the pang of disapproval, “you have loaded yourself with unnecessary trouble. There was never a mass performed with stricter observance of propriety than we will now have. Fix the chairs thus”–and with a finger-sweep he described a semicircle–“here the table for the Prince. Having notified me of his intention to read from some ancient books, he must have a table–and let there be no reserved seat, except one for the Patriarch. Set a sedilium, high and well clothed, for him here on air max 1 my nike air max 1 right–and forget not a stool for his feet; for now to the bitterness of controversy long continued he has added a constriction of the lungs, and together they are grievous to old age.”
“And Scholarius?”
“Scholarius is an orator; some say he is a prophet; I know he is not an official; so of the seats vacant when he arrives, let him choose for himself.”
The company began coming early. Every Churchman of prominence in the city was in attendance. The reception was unusually ceremonious. When the bustle was over, and His Majesty at ease, the pages having arranged the folds of his embroidered vestments, he rested his hand lightly on the golden cone of the right 8

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