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But at Dunbarton the affair went off differently. The heart of the anci nike air max ent lady had taught her better things. From Bennington to Dunbarton is the good part of a day’s journey, and cheap air max they drove up to the gate in the afternoon. The great-aunt was in her garden, picking some August flowers, and she called as the carriage stopped, „Bring my nephew here, my dear, before you go into the house.“
At this, Molly, stepping out of the carriage, squeezed her husband’s hand. „I knew that she would be lovely,“ she whispered to him. And then she ran to her aunt’s arms, and let him follow. He came slowly, hat in hand.
The old lady advanced to meet him, trembling a little, and holding out her hand cheap nike air max to him. „Welcome, nephew,“ she said. „What a tall fellow you are, to be sure. Stand off, sir, and let me look at you.“
The Virginian obeyed, blushing from his black hair to his collar.
Then his new relative turne cheap nike air max d to her niece, and gave her a flower. „Put this cheap nike air max trainers in his coat, my dear,“ she said. „And I think I understand why you wanted to marry him.“
After this the maid came and showed them to their rooms. nike air max 1 Left alon cheap nike air max e in her garden, the great-aunt sank on a bench and sat there for some time; for emotion had made her very weak.
Upstairs, Molly, sitting on the Virginian’s knee, put the flower in his coat, and then laid her head upon his shoulder.
„I didn’t know old ladies could be that way,“ he said. „D‘ yu‘ reckon there are many?“
„Oh, I don’t know,“ said the girl. „I’m so happy!“
Now at tea, and during the evening, the gre nike air max at-aunt carried out her plans still further. At first she did the chief part of the talking herself. Nor did she ask questions about nike air max 90 sale Wyoming too soon. She reached that in her own way, and found out t nike air max 95 he one th nike air max 90 ing that she desired to know. It was through General Stark that she led up to it.
„There he is,“ she said, showing the family portrait. „And a rough time he must have had of it now and then. New Hampshire was full of fine young men in those days. But nowadays most of them have gone away to seek their fortunes in the West. Do they find them, I wonder?“
„Yes, ma’am. All the good ones do.“
„But you cannot nike air max classic all be–what is the name?–Cattle Kings.“
„That’s having its day, ma’am, right now. And we a nike air max sale re getting ready for the change–some of us are.“ ③

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