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bsence in the East somewhere, and asking if he, Uel, would assist the servant who was bearer of the note in buying and furnishing a house. Uel did so, and when the stranger arrived, his home was ready for him. I was then a little girl, and went one day to see the Prince of India, his residence being opposite Uel’s on the other side of the street. He was studying some big books, but quit them, and picked me up, and asked me who I was? I told him Uel was my father. What was my name? Lael, I said. How old was I? And when I answered that also, he kissed nike air max sale me, and cried, and, to my wonder, declared how he had once a child named L nike air max 95 ael; she looked like me, and was just my age when she died“–
„Wonderful!“ exclaimed Sergius.
„Yes, cheap nike air max trainers and he then said Heaven had sent me to take her place. Would I be his Lael? I answered I would, if Uel consented. He took me in his arms, carried me across the street and talked so Uel could not have refused had he wanted to.“
The manner of the telling was irresistible. At the conclusion, she turned to him and said, with emotion: „Th nike blazers ere, now. You see I really have two fathers, and you know how I came by them: and were I to recount their goodness to me, and how they both love me, and how happy each one of them is in believing me the object of the other’s affection, you would understand just as well how I know no difference between them.“
„It is strange; yet as you tell it, little friend, it is not strange,“ he returned, nike air max 1 se cheap nike air max riously. They were at the instant in a bar of brightest sunlight projected across the road; and had she asked him the cause of the frown on his face, he could not have told her he was thinking of Demedes.
„Yes, I see it–I see it, and congratulate you upon being so doubly blessed. Tell me next who the Prince of India is.“
She looked now here, now there, he watching her narrowly.
„Oh! I never thought of asking him about himself.“
She was merely puzzled by an unexpected question.
„But you know something of him?“
„Let me think,“ she replied. „Yes, he was the intimate of my father Uel’s father, and of his father before h nike air max classic im.“
“ nike air max 90 sale Is he so old then?“
„I cannot say how long he has been a family acquaintance. Of my knowledge he is very learned in everything. He speaks all the languages I ever heard of; he passes the nights alone on the roof of his house“–
„Alone on the roof of his house!“
„Only of clear nights, you understand. A servant carries a chair and table up for him, and a roll of papers, with pen and in nike air max k, and a clock of brass nike air max 90 and gold. The paper is a map of the heavens; and he sits there watching the stars, marking them in position on the map, the clock telling him the exact time.“
„An astronomer,“ said Sergius.
„And an astrologer,“ she added; „and besides these things he is a doctor, but goes only amongst the poor, taking nothing from them. He is also a chemist; and he has tables of the plants curative and deadly, and can extract their qualities, and reduce them from fluids to solids, and proportionate them. He is also a master of figures, a science, he always terms it, the first of creative principles without which God could not be God. So, too, he is a traveller–indeed I think he has been over the known world. You cannot speak of a capital or of an island, or a tribe which he has not visited. He has servants from the farthest East. One of h cheap nike blazers is attendants is an African King; and what is the strangest to me, Sergius, his domestics are all deaf and dumb.“
„Nothing appears impossible to him.“
„How does he communicate with them?“
„They catch his meaning from the motion of his lips. He says signs are too slow and uncertain for close explanations.“
„Still he must resort to some language.“
„Oh, yes, the Greek.“
„But if they have somewhat to impart to him?“
„It is theirs to obey, and pantomime seems sufficient to convey the little they have to return to him, for it is seldom more than, ‚My Lord, I have done the thing you gave me to do.‘ If the matter be complex, he too resorts to the lip-speech, which he could not teach without first being proficient in it himself. Thus, for instance, to Nilo“–
„The black giant who defended you against the Greek?“
„Yes– blazers a wonderful man–an ally, not a servant. On the journey to Constantinople, the Prince turned aside into an African Kingdom called Kash-Cush. I cannot tell where it is. Nilo was the King, and a mighty hunter and warrior. His trappings hang in his room now–shields, spears, knives, bows and arrows, and among them a net of linen threads. When he took the field for lions, his favorite game, the net and a short sword were all he cared for. His throne room, I have heard my father the Prince say, was carpeted with skins taken by him in single combats.“
„What could he do with the net, little Princess?“
„I will give you his account; perhaps you can see it clearly–I cannot. When the monster makes his leap, the corners of the net are tossed up in the air, and he is in some way caught and tangled… Well, as I was saying, Nilo, though cheap nike air max deaf and dumb, of choice left his people and throne to follow the Prince, he knew not where.“
„Oh, little friend! Do you know you are talking the incredible to me? Who ever heard of such thing before?“
Sergius‘ blue eyes were astare with wonder.
„I only speak what I have heard recounted by my father, the Prince, to my other father, Uel…. What I intended saying was that directly the Prince established himself at home he began teaching Nilo to converse. The work was slow at first; but there is no end to the master’s skill and patience; he and the King now talk without hindrance. He has even made him a believer in God.“
„A Christian, you mean.“
„No. In my father’s opinion the mind of a wild man cannot comprehend modern Christianity; nobody can explain the Trinity; yet a child can be taught the almightiness of God, and won t o faith in him.“
„Do you speak for yourself or the Prince?“
„The Prince,“ she replied.
Sergius was struck with the idea, and wished to go further with it, but they were at the foot of the hill, and Lael 8

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