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back to his place.
“We are here for a complete rest after exhausting labours,” he stated. “We have looked forward for months to undisturbed repose amongst these giant pines. No thought of care was to intrude. But my colleague’s great and tender heart has smitten him, and, I am ashamed to say against my first inclination, he urges me to a course which I’d have liked to avoid; but which, when he shows me the way, I realize is the only decent thing. We find ourselves in the midst of a community of some hundreds of people. It may be some of these people are suffering, far from medical or surgi nike air max 95 cal help. If there are any such, and the case is really pressing, you understand, we will be wi nike air max classic lling, just for common humanity, to do our best to relieve them. And friends,” the speaker stepped forw nike air max sale ard until his body touched the rope, and he was leaning confidentially forth, “it would be poor humanity that would cause you pain or give you inferior treatments. I am happy to say we came to this great virgin wilderness direct with our baggage from White Oaks where we had been giving a two weeks’ course of treatments–mainly charitable. We have our instruments and our medicines with us in their packin’ cases. If need arises–which I trust it will not–we will not hesitate to go to any trouble for you. It is agains nike air max 1 t our principles to give anything but our best. You will suffer no pain. But it must be understood,” he warned i mpressively. “This is just for you, our neighbours! We don’t want this news spread to the lumber camps and over the countryside. We are here for a rest. But we cannot be true to our high calling and neglect the relieving of pain.”
The man bowed slightly, and rejoined his companion to whom he conversed low-voiced with absolute unconsciousness of the audience he had just been addressing so intimately. The latter hesitated, then slowly dispersed. Bob stood, his brows knit, trying to recall. There was something hauntingly familiar about the whole performance. Especially a strange nasal emphasis on the word “pain” struck sharply a chord in his recollection. He looked up in sudden enlightenment.
“Painless Porter!” he cried aloud.
The man looked up at the mention of his name.
“That’s my name,” said he. “What can I do for you?”
“I Cheap Nike Air Max 1 just remembered where I’d seen you,” explained Bob.
“I’m fairly well known.”
Bob approached eager Nike Air Max 1 ly. The discourse, hollow, insincere, half-blasphemous, a buncombe bit of advertising as it was, nevertheless contained the germ of an essential truth for which Bob had been searching. He wanted to know how, through what experience, the man had come to this insight.
But his attempts at conversation met with a cold reception. Painless Porter was too old a bird ever to lower his guard. He met the youth on the high p nike air max lane of professionalism, refused to utter other than the platitudinous counters demanded by the occasion. He held the young man at spear’s length, and showed plainly by the ominous glitter of his eye that he did not intend to be trifled with.
Then Baker’s jolly voice broke in.
“Well! well! well!” he cried. “If here aren’t my old friends, Painless Porter and the Wiz! Simple life for yours, eh? Back to beans! What’s the general outline of _this_ graft?”
“We have come camping for a complete rest,” stated Waller gravely, his comical face cast in lines of reprobation and warning.
“Whatever it is, you’ll get it,” jibed Baker. “But I’ll bet you a toothpick it isn’t a rest. What’s exhausted you fellows, anyway? Counting the easy money?”
“Our professional labours have been very heavy lately,” spoke up the painless one.
“What’s bitin cheap nike air max g you fellows?” demanded Baker. “There’s nobody here.”
Waller indicated Bob by a barely perceptible jerk of the head. Baker threw back his head and laughed.
“Thought you knew him,” said he. “You were all having such a love feast gab-fest when I blew in. This is Mr. Orde, who bosses this place–and most of the country around here. If you want to do good to humanity on this meadow you’d better begin by being good to him. He controls it. He’s humanity with a capital H.”
Ten minutes later the four men, cigars alight, a bottle within reach, were sprawling about the interior of one of the larger tents. Bob was enjoying himself hugely. It was the first time he had ever been behind the scenes at this sort of game.
“But that was a good talk, just the same,” he interrupted a cynical bit of bragging.
“Say, wasn’t it!” cried Porter. “I cheap nike air max trainers got that out of a shoutin’ evangelist. The minute I heard it I saw where it was hot stuff for my spiel. I’m that way: I got that kind of good eye. I’ll be going along the street and some little thing’ll happen that won’t amount to nothin’ at all really. Another man wouldn’t think twice about it. But like a flash it comes to me how it would fit in to a spiel. It’s like an artist that way finding things to put in a picture. You’d never spot a dago apple peddler as good for nothing but to work a little graft on mebbe; but an artist comes along and slaps him in a picture and he’s the fanciest-looking dope in the art collection. That’s me. I got some of my best spiels from the funniest places! That one this morning is a wonder, because it don’t _listen_ like a spiel. I followed that evangelist yap around for a week getting his Air Max 1 dope down fine. You got to get the language just right on these things, or they don’t carry over.”
“Which one is it, Painful?” asked Baker.
“You know; the make-your-work-a-good-to-humanity bluff.”
“And all about papa in the ‘sixties?”
“That’s it.”
“‘And just don’t you _dare_ tell the neighbours?'”
“The whole mo nike air max 90 untains will know all about it by to-morrow,” Baker told Bob, “and they’ll flock up here in droves. It’s easy money.”
“Half these country yaps have bum teeth, anyway,” said Porter.
“And the rest of them think they’re sick,” stated Wizard Waller.
“It beats a free show for results and expense,” said Painless Porter. “All you got to have is the tents and the Japs and the Willie-off-the-yacht togs.” He sighed. “There ought to be _some_ advantages,” he concluded, “to drag a man nike air max 90 sale so far from the street lights.”
cheap nike air max “Then this isn’t much of a pleasure trip?” asked Bob with some amusement.
“Pleasure, hell!” snorted Painless, helping himself to a drink. “Say, honest, how do you fellows that have business up here stick it out? It gives me the willies!”

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