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Yes, she knew she must go back to all that, but at present she must weep.
Screening her face she sobbed more steadily than she had yet done,her shoulders rising and falling with great regularity. It was thisfigure that her husband saw when, having reached the polished Sphinx,having entangled himself with a man selling picture postcards, he turned;the stanza instantly stopped. He came up to her, laid his handon her shoulder, and said, “Dearest.” His voice was supplicating.
But she shut her face away from him, as much as to say, “You can’tpossibly understand.”As he did not leave her, however, sh nike free e had to wipe her eyes, and toraise them to the level of the factory ch nike free 5.0 v4 imneys on the other bank .
She saw also the arches nike free run plus of Waterloo Bridge and the carts movingacross them, like the line of animals in cheap nike blazers a shooting gallery.
They were seen blankly, but to see anything was of course to end herweeping and begin to walk.
“I would rather walk,” she said, her husband having hailed a cabalready occupied by two city men.
The fixity of her mood was broken by the action of walking.
The shooting motor cars, more like spiders in the moon t cheap nike free run 2 hanterrestrial objects, the thundering drays, the jingling hansoms nike free run 2 review ,and little black broughams, made her think of the world she lived in.
Somewhere up there above the pinnacles where the smoke rose in apointed hill, her children were now asking for her, and gettinga soothing reply. As for the mass of streets, squares, and publicbuildings which par nike free 3.0 review ted them, she only felt at this moment how littleLondon had done to make her love it, although thirty of her fortyyears had been spent in a street. She knew how to read the peoplewho were passing nike blazers her; there were the rich who were running to and fromeach others’ houses at this hour; there were the bigoted workersdriving in a straight line to their offices; there were the poorwho were unhappy and rightly malignant. Already, though therewas sunlight in the haze, tattered old men an nike free review d women were noddingoff to sleep upon the seats. When one gave up seeing the beautythat clothed things, this was the skeleton beneath.
A fine rain now made her still more dismal; vans with the oddnames of those engaged in odd industries–Sprules, Manufacturerof Saw-dust; Grabb, to whom no piece of waste paper comes amiss–fell flat as a bad joke; bold lovers, sheltered behind one cloak,seemed to her sordid, past their passion; the flower women,a contented company, wh nike free trainers uk ose talk is always worth hearing, were sodden hags;the red, yellow, and blue flowers, whose heads were pressed together,woul nike free running shoes d not b nike free 3.0 sale laze. Moreover, her husband walking with a quickrhythmic stride, jerking his free hand occasionally, was eithera Viking or a stricken Nelson; the sea-gulls had changed his note.
“Ridley, shall we drive? Shall we drive, Ridley?” nike blazers sale Mrs. Ambrose had to s ③

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