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She pushed it from her. She would not brook such sac nike air max 1 premium rifice on his part. Were they not going to her mother in four weeks? If her family had warmly accepted him–but they had not; and in any case, it had gone too far, it was too late. She told her lover that she would not hear him, that if he said any nike air max 1 red more she would gallop into town separately from him. And for his sake she would h nike air max 1 black ide deep from him this loneliness of hers, and the hurt that he had given her in refusing to share with her his trouble with Trampas, when others must know of it.
Accordingly, they descended the hill slowly together, lingering to spin out these last miles long. Many rides had taught the nike air max 1 ebay ir horses to go side nike air max 1 by side, and so they went now: the air max 1 girl sweet and thoughtful in her sedate gray habit; and the man in his leathern chaps and cartridge belt and flannel shirt, looking gravely into the distance with the level gaze of the frontier.
Having read his sweethe nike air max 1 leopard art’s cheap nike air max 1 mind very plainly, the lover now broke his dearest custom. It was his code never to speak ill of any man to any woman. Men’s qu cheap nike air max 1 arrels were not for women’s ears. In his sc Nike air max 1 heme, good women were to know only a fragment of men’s lives. He had lived many outlaw years, and his wide knowledge of evil made innocence doubly precious to him. But to-day he must depart from his code, having read her mind well. He would speak evil of one man to one woman, because his reticence had hurt her–and was she not far from her mother, and very lonely, do what he could? She shoul cheap air max 1 d know the story of his quarrel in language as light and casual as he could veil it with.
He made an oblique start. He did not say to her: “I’ll tell you about this. You saw me get nike air max 1 sale ready for Trampas because I have been ready for him any time these five years.” He began far off from the point with that rooted caution of his–that caution which is shared by the primal savage and the perfe nike air max 1 grey cted diplomat.
“There’s cert’nly a righ t smart o’ difference between men and women,” he observed.
“You’re quite sure?” she retorted. ③

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